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New technologies pepper BC Saw Filers Association trade show

May 2, 2017 – Canadian Forest Industries takes a look at the new filing room technologies and processes on display at the BC Saw Filers Association convention and trade show that took place in Kamloops on the weekend. 

May 2, 2017  By  Maria Church

The iBlade SAWCONTROL 800V2 in action at the BGR Saws booth during the trade show.

Hard surface process extends part life
Key Knife has invested in developing and implementing a new hard surface process called PTA to prolong the life of critical wear components. The investment has resulted in dividends for Key Knife’s customer base. Customers running Key Knife conical, CNS, and disc chipper systems are experiencing counterknife and holder life gains of two to three times longer versus Key Knife’s previous hard-surface solution. The part life gains are benefiting Key Knife customers by reducing maintenance and part expenditures.

Babbitt pad design improves cooling
Precision Machinery showcased its breakthrough babbitt pad design for circular saws that redefines conventional designs. Their new line of babbitt moulds with teardrop mould geometry provide superior saw cooling over conventional systems. Laboratory testing shows a 65 per cent reduction in saw operating temperatures and a 90 per cent improvement in cooling time between cuts. Real world machine operation with this new design improves saw life on average four times (run time between saw changes).

Four cameras measure saw blades
The iBlade SAWCONTROL 800V2 was in action at the BGR Saws booth during the trade show. The unique measurement tool rotates the saw blade automatically and analyses every tooth with four cameras at different angles. The tool measures hook angle, top clearance angle, tangential clearance angle, tooth geometry, shaft angle, kerf, body thickness, tooth length and width and runout. The iBlade also automatically detects variable pitch and features anti-vibration and solid construction thanks to a granite slab. Watch video here.

Automated bench improves productivity
Simonds International’s model 095 Automated Bench design improves filing room productivity for bandsaw mills. The 095 AB features a large touchscreen control panel for performing levelling and tensioning tasks. It can simultaneously level and tension saws up to 15” wide and up to 65’ long, while measuring to .0004” across the entire area of the saw – length and width. The machine performs all scanning via a contact sensor. The learn mode on the Simonds 095 AB allows the filer to load a properly levelled and tensioned saw on the AB and the machine will measure, document and learn the bench work specifications such that it can be stored and reused on subsequent runs.


Knife system design tackles tough chipping applications
Andritz Iggesund Tools showed off the newest development in its line of knife systems: the TK-IV Plus. The new design is engineered to tackle applications from dense tropical hardwoods to ultra-high production mills and extreme frozen conditions. Using Helical Face Technology, a specially manufactured helical wear plate permits superior chipping configuration. The HFT design has advanced cutting geometry combined with a radically tapered wear plate that varies from the inside to the outside of the part along the radial path (the trajectory of the knives).

Automatic brazing machine covers 4-32” blades
Gerling’s SAWMASTER Automatic Brazing Machine handles saw blades with diameters ranging from 4” to 32”, rake angles from -10 to +30 degrees, carbide saw tip widths from 1.5 to 10 mm (0.060” to 0.400”) and tip lengths from 5 to 27 mm (0.196” to 1.062”). Special features include a sensor for removal of individual tips or complete removal of all tips, tip sorting by an optical non-touching positioning system, touch screen control panel for parameter input, V-top and alternate tips brazed with ease. Carbide tips are sorted and fed through a bowl feeder and longitudinal conveyor belt. Dosing of flux onto the tips is performed by a dosing valve. The unit includes a rotary-indexing-table system; a temperature control unit with pyrometer; a 5.6 kW high frequency generator; PLC machine control; and a water cooling system.

Anti-deviation device adds second sensor
Saw+ADD’s latest development of its anti-deviation device for bandsaw is the use of two force sensors in each saw guide. One is on the leading edge of the guide and the second is on the trailing edge of the guide. Using the differential of dual sensors provides a measurement of twisting on the saw blade that steers it into deviation. It also provides a common mode rejection that allows a gain on the control signal, giving it about 100 ms lead time over a single sensor. This is a tremendous advantage for closed loop control of the feed velocity. Watch video here

Lubrication monitoring system offers control
Les Equipments YGE has introduced a PLP lubrication system that monitors and controls critical variables of production. The system controls water pressure, water flow and air pressure. A state-of-the-art controlled used in the PLP allows for communication with the machine by Ethernet, serial link or digital I/O (for older machines). The communication set-up is fully scalable and changeable to allow for the system to transfer from an older machine to a new one. All components are arranged on drawers from easier maintenance and wet components are made of rust-proof material. Event logging allows for the machine to archive data such as total water quantify per shift.

CNC guide dresser reduces saw deviation
Williams & White’s newest addition to its product line was on display at the BC Saw Filers Association trade show. The CNC guide dresser’s accurate saw guides improves mill performance by increasing lumber recovery from more accurate lumber dimensions, and reducing saw deviation resulting in longer saw life and reduced downtime. A tolerance of +/- .0002” allows for unmatched speed and durability, and a user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate. The guide dresser fits all circular guides and is up to 20 times faster than manual machines.

Automatic brazing machine offers SmartBraze
The LK Pro from Kirschner was in action at BGR Saws booth, showcasing its ease of use for saw tip removal and retipping of circular saw blades. The modern, compact design specifically for the filing room features SmartBraze, a quick, easy and accurate communication system with the saw blade. The LK Pro uses a clean source of heat that will not alter the steel structure of the saws, and with a user-friendly design it includes CNC controls for enhanced accuracy and RFID technology as an option. The Kirschner LK Pro is exclusively distributed by BGR Saws. 

Sharpening machine goes hydraulic free
The Vollmer CHP 840 is a universal sharpening machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades ranging from 80 to 840mm (33”) in diameter. It is built with four CNC-controlled axes for accurate grinding in one cycle. Additional features include a newly developed multifunctional handwheel; oscillation grinding; and automatic central lubrication. The unit is hydraulic-free, V-Top grinding capable and no tooth pitch input is required. The CHP 840 uses imperial or metric inputs. Watch video here.

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