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New trim-sort-stack line will add capacity, flexibility

September 28, 2020  By USNR

Dempsey Wood Products of Orangeburg, SC has ordered a new planer mill trim-sort-stack line to increase its capacity and expand its product line. The new line will allow the mill to process 16′ lengths, and cut-n-two into shorter lengths. It is scheduled to be started up in Q1 2021.

The order features a Revolver Lug Loader with MillTrak backlog conrol, Transverse High Grader (THG), Multi-Track Fence, clamshell-style trimmer, Low-Profile Stacker, and WinTally sorter management integrated with the THG.

This mill previously ordered a Counter-Flow Kiln conversion for its USNR batch kiln, scheduled to be started up in Q1 2021. It also recently ordered new USNR optimization and controls for its merchandiser, scheduled to be installed December 2020.

USNR is very proud to be a major vendor for this important wood processing operation in the US Southeast region.


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