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Norwood launches new bandsaw mill

July 5, 2013, Buffalo, N.Y – Norwood Sawmills launched its LumberPro HD36, a new larger-capacity portable sawmill that’s modeled after its LumberMate Pro MX34 series sawmills.

Norwood says that the bandsaw mill was designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial sawing and yet is easy enough to use for first-time sawyers who want to cut larger logs.

The HD36’s appetite for massive logs up to 36” (90cm) in diameter, combined with its throat opening of 28” (70cm), enables sawyers to mill virtually any hardwood or softwood tree into valuable lumber.

The LumberPro HD36 can be configured manually, hydraulically or using a combination of the two.

"Often first-time sawmill owners have never milled lumber before and can’t foresee what direction or how quickly their sawmilling operation will grow," says Ashlynne Dale, Norwood president, "But, with a manual Norwood sawmill, they can start with only a small investment. Later on, as their profits multiply and as their sawing business evolves, they can add hydraulic and power attachments to help them mill more lumber in less time."

Norwood’s "Grow-As-You-Go" approach ensures sawyers will never outgrow their LumberPro HD36, but rather, can build it up to keep pace with their increasing sawmilling needs.

July 5, 2013  By Woodbusiness

The LumberPro HD36 can be configured manually Norwood Sawmills launched its LumberPro HD36

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