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Opticom advances CC02 HD-TVI sawmill cameras

Sept. 14, 2016 - Opticom Technologies Inc., Vancouver, has advanced CC02 HD-TVI sawmill camera technology specifically for harsh sawmill environments.

September 14, 2016  By Opticom Technologies Inc.

The new HD-TVI technology provides image resolution equivalent to 2 megapixels or roughly 4 times that of existing analog CC02’s. Analog video technology is being phased out by major commodity manufacturers and is expected to be obsolete within the next 12 months. This replacement HD-TVI technology provides end users with significantly improved image quality while retaining the reliability and ruggedness for which the CC02 is famous.

Over 23,000 CC02 cameras have been installed in sawmills and a wide range of industries that need uninterrupted visual monitoring in the most hostile environments.

HD-TVI delivers high-resolution megapixel imaging for much less than the price of IP, and is as simple to install and operate as traditional analog CCTV. Additionally, HD-TVI supports longer cable runs than other HD Analog formats – up to 1600′ on coaxial cable and 700′ on CAT5.

Another major advantage of HD-TVI over IP is zero latency as no network is required. Real-time video monitoring without time lag is critical for many industrial applications.


In most cases existing coaxial or CAT cabling can be used with the new HD-TVI cameras with a minimum of modification making transition simple and cost effective. The Opticom CC02 camera housings are designed to withstand wide temperature ranges (-60 to +60 degrees C), resist vibration, dust and are waterproof. Many customers describe them as virtually indestructible.

Opticom has provided video monitoring equipment for over 40 years and has many Fortune 500 companies as customers included in its forestry, mining, oil and gas, aggregate and food processing industries portfolio. www.toughestvideocamera.com

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