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Parliament passes motion calling for formaldehyde emissions limits in composite wood products

May 4, 2017 - Members of Parliament have voted to pass Motion M-102, sponsored by MP Rémi Massé, which seeks to adopt regulations on formaldehyde emissions in composite wood products that are aligned with existing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. This follows months of work by Parliamentarians on both sides of the aisle.

"We want to thank all Members of Parliament with special mention to Rémi Massé, Luc Berthold, and all members who participated in the Composite Panel caucus for their commitment to industry and support of good product stewardship", said Donald Bisson, senior advisor at the Composite Panel Association (CPA). "Following several months of meetings with Health Canada and political stakeholders, a consensus has been finalized on the need for a Canadian regulation on formaldehyde emissions that emulates the new U.S. standard. This sets in motion a process that, once completed, will establish in Canada the world's most stringent standard for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products."

Canadian composite panel manufacturers have made major investments over the last several years to voluntarily comply with the low emission levels called for under the EPA regulation. Offshore imports have not made a similar commitment, and thus there is a risk that high emitting products will get into Canada without a national regulation in place. CPA and its members stand ready to help Health Canada in their announced action plan to draft such a regulation, which will provide important health and environmental benefits to the public while at the same time ensuring a level regulatory playing field and fair competition.

May 4, 2017  By Composite Panel Association

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