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Planned burn at Carrott Lake

Sept. 11, 2013, Vanderhoof - People living and working near the Carrott Lake Experimental Burn Project southwest of Vanderhoof may notice smoke and flames at the site over the next week, due to a controlled fire that's being ignited to investigate wildfire behaviour.

The Carrott Lake research site was established in 2004 and is used to study how fire behaves in stands of trees affected by mountain pine beetle infestations. The site consists of 11 isolated blocks of lodgepole pine forest, ranging in size from one to four hectares. The blocks are surrounded by fireguards that contain no trees.

Since 2005, numerous small-scale test fires have been ignited at the site, including the burning of two blocks in August 2006. These types of controlled burns are closely monitored and the resulting data is analyzed to learn more about wildfire behavior, spread rates and patterns, and fuel consumption characteristics.

By learning more about fire behaviour in forests impacted by the mountain pine beetle, the Wildfire Management Branch can more effectively plan fire suppression responses and fuel management operations in similarly affected areas.

Public safety will be the top priority during this controlled burn. The fire will only be ignited during favourable conditions when smoke can disperse quickly. Fireguards have been established around the entire burn site, which will be further protected by sprinkler lines to prevent the fire from expanding beyond the test area.

This burn will be closely monitored from start to finish by highly trained firefighting crews to ensure that it remains contained and has a minimal impact on the surrounding area.


September 11, 2013  By Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations

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