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PLT Canada and EACOM partner to promote Green Jobs in Timmins

July 22, 2019  By EACOM

The Timmins community welcomed Zac Wagman today as he progresses on Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT Canada)’s Green Ride for Green Jobs on his Picolo wooden bicycle. Starting his day at the EACOM Timmins centennial sawmill with a tour, he then presented the virtues of green jobs to youth at the local YMCA and took a scenic ride around the city.

“This journey has already been an amazing opportunity to connect with youth and employers, and the road ahead will bring many more of their stories to life. The Green Ride has been a valuable way for PLT Canada to connect to communities and those working on the ground. I’m excited about the diversity of people and stories I’m learning about, and the wide range of job opportunities that are available for youth in the great outdoors,” said Zac Wagman, Green Jobs Manager, PLT Canada.

PLT Canada and EACOM Timber Corporation have partnered to share this unique Canadian journey with Timmins’ youth, hoping to spark their interest for a green career. Undeniably, opportunities abound for the next generation in the forestry sector thanks to innovative technologies like 3D imagery to plan woodlands operations, scanning capacity to optimize every log in the sawmill and iPads to track production data in real time. The sector employs 235,000 Canadians in 200 communities and supports an additional 600,000 indirect jobs from coast to coast. From forestry to administration, trades and production, the sector offers green jobs that translate into stable, rewarding careers.


“We are delighted to be in Timmins celebrating the diversity of opportunities available for youth in the forest sectors. EACOM is a valued partner and a leading company certified to the SFI-certified Standard that has made a commitment to sustainability and the future of our forests,” explained Kathy Abusow, President and CEO, PLT Canada and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). “We are excited to be engaging with local youth and community members, as the skills and experience gained through the Green Jobs program lead to green careers that benefit the community, the economy, and the environment.”

Along with industry peers, EACOM is an active player in the green economy. By practicing sustainable forest management and transforming timber locally, EACOM supplies the North American market with an eco-friendly, renewable building material that helps store carbon and fight climate change. Trees processed in Timmins are younger than the 100-year old mill, a testament to responsible practices and stable employment for generations of local workers. With over $42 million invested to modernize and optimize the site in recent years, EACOM’s Timmins sawmill is one of the most competitive wood products manufacturing facilities in Eastern Canada.

“Our forests are a source of collective wealth that we strive to preserve for future generations. The partnership with PLT Canada is a natural fit, showing that by managing Canada’s greatest renewable resource responsibly, we generate stable jobs and opportunity for communities like Timmins. We’re happy that Zac is riding across our communities and inspiring youth to consider these wonderful careers in the great outdoors,” concluded Kevin Edgson, President and CEO, EACOM Timber Corporation and Project Learning Tree Canada Board Member.

About the Green Ride for Green Jobs

Zac Wagman, PLT Canada’s Green Jobs Manager, is cycling more than 8,750 km over four months, from Victoria, B.C., to St. John’s, Newfoundland, on a Montreal-made Picolo Vélo wooden bicycle. Along the way, Wagman is visiting up to 50 PLT Canada Green Jobs employers, in over 100 communities, across nine provinces. Wagman is also profiling youth working in green jobs and sharing their experiences on social media to highlight the types of careers that exist in the forest, conservation and parks sectors.

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