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Oct. 14, 2014 - This year’s Timber Processing and Energy Expo will be held October 15 to 17 at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Centre in Portland, Oregon. The event will encompass 72,000 square feet inside and an abundance of outdoor space as well. Canadian Forest Industries reached out to some key exhibitors to see what they’ll have to show off at their booths.

Wagner’s moisture management solutions
Wagner Meters is the respected world leader in moisture meter and moisture management solutions. Leading softwood, hardwood and secondary wood products manufacturers rely on Wagner Meters to improve grade recovery and bottom line performance using Wagner’s moisture measurement systems, hand held moisture meters and sawmill sorting systems to lessen drying related degrade.

VABVAB Solutions Inc.
VAB Solutions Inc. has continued to innovate by placing the R & D in the centre of its business strategy. It recently unveiled a new fibre oriented module that allows the detection and accurate grading of knots, grain distortion and wood compression. This new and unique high precision grading optimizer locates precisely the pith and knot placement in SYP & SPF.  


USNR boasts some of the most innovative designs with its continuous investment in the advancement of its products. Many new products (including sawmill, planer mill and kiln equipment) will be spotlighted at USNR’s booth (#405). Central to its display, see USNR’s popular compact primary log breakdown line featuring the Knuckle Turner in-feed, conical chippers and VFM, a system renowned for processing small logs with high speed accuracy.



The Comact TBL3 is a curve sawing gang with the shortest gap in the industry. Only a three-foot gap is required, up to 650 FPM (batch mode). Curve, straight or “S” shape sawing, is your choice. Cants are scanned, positioned and fully optimized for the maximum breakdown process recovery.





Optimil Machinery
Optimil Machinery (booth #203) is a leader in primary and secondary log processing machinery and provides log and board optimization and EDEM conveyor systems to progressive sawmills.

Optimil’s latest machinery includes in-line profilers for top and bottom board solutions and sideboard solutions. In-line profiling of the top and bottom board reduces flow to edgers and provides increased production rates.

Opticom CCTV Camera Technologies is considered a pioneer in the CCTV industry. They operate in two divisions: general security projects and their industrial division, which provides the most advanced analog, IP and high definition video solutions for hundreds of clients in the forest industry.

Opticom camera systems are designed for reliability and outstanding performance to ensure maximum operation and minimum downtime. Opticom also offers a complete line of camera system accessories including industrial monitors, digital recorders and wireless systems for both analog and IP applications.

Muhloct14Mühlböck drying technology
For over 30 years, Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen Gmbh, Eberschwang (Austria) has, in its own facility, developed and manufactured timber drying kilns and delivered them worldwide. Currently more than 11,000 of their dry kilns are in operation.

At the same time, the in-house Research and Development department is constantly developing new aspects for their kilns to ensure the economic success of the Mühlböck customer. This is achieved through the high quality components that are being applied, fast customer service and support and simple and secure operation of our technology. With Mühlböck, customers also benefit from the potential of high savings in the electrical and thermal energy consumption of the dry kilns.

Today’s complex and demanding sawmill environments require 3D scanning that is reliable and easy to use. The new JS-25 X-series scanners take up to 650 profile measurements per second, with each profile containing up to 242 data points. In addition, the JS-25 X-series scanner models accommodate virtually any scanning need – indoor, outdoor, transverse or lineal. From logs to lumber, JoeScan provides dependable scanning for bucking, carriages, sharp-chains, gangs, edgers, planers and more. Visit JoeScan in booth 329 to see a JS-25 X-series scanner in action.

HewSawHewSaw celebrates success
HewSaw is celebrating two major milestones this year. In addition to being the 50th anniversary of HewSaw’s parent company in Finland, 2014 also marks 20 years since HewSaw Machines was formed to serve the North American market.  

HewSaw’s largest line is the SL250, which can handle logs of up to 21.5 inches in diameter. Running at speeds exceeding 500 feet per minute, the SL250 can be configured to include a Chipper-Canter, Cantsaw, Ripsaw, cross saw, and optimized edging capabilities. HewSaw recently installed an SL250 3.4 line at the Idaho Forest Group’s Lewiston, Idaho mill and has recently installed similar lines in Australia, Scotland, Russia and two in Finland.

DK-SpecDK Spec
Dk-Spec can meet processing needs from customized cutting tools and saws for first, second or third breakdowns in wood processing. DK-Spec tools and saws are manufactured from specialty steel by our highly qualified technicians, in accordance with the customer’s own specifications. The company will have its new Filex MK2 multifunctional, high performance grinder on display at its booth.


deltaoct14Delta Computer multi-axis motion controllers
To fill the need for high performance motion controllers to power forest products processing equipment, Delta Computer Systems provides two very flexible and highly configurable motion controller alternatives: the RMC75, a two-axis controller, and the RMC150E, a multi-axis controller for up to eight motion axes. Both products have the unique ability to synchronize multiple axes and transition smoothly between closed-loop control of axis position and the pressure/force exerted, making the controllers well suited for applications involving fluid power.

cut technologyCut Technologies leads by innovation
Cut Technologies (booth #715) prides themselves in continuously striving to solve the issues facing sawing in the primary forest industry. Mike Cloutier, president, takes it upon himself to provide top-producing sawmills with revolutionary saws, tips, and machinery. 

The newly designed Sawmill Kahny will be on display at the Cut Technologies booth. It is the perfect complement to any filing room. Specifically formulated to meet the low-cost, high reward demand of saw filers, the Sawmill Kahny is a fully automated round saw tipping machine that boosts extreme precision and speed.

cooperCooper Machine
Specializing in overhead and sharp chain scraggs, Cooper Machine combines proven technology with the latest innovations to provide some of the best custom sawmill equipment on the market. Cooper Machine also represents several innovative companies in the U.S. and Canada, such as Incomac dry kilns and MIT band saws/carriages.

October 14, 2014  By Canadian Forest Industries

This year’s Timber Processing and Energy Expo will be held October 15 to 17 at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Centre in Portland

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