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Precision Sharpening Devices offers pneumatic Bevel Buddy

July 7, 2016 – Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc., has added a new Bevel Buddy Chipper Knife Sharpener to its product line.

July 7, 2016  By Morbark

The Bevel Buddy handheld sharpener allows the knives to be re-sharpened without being removed from the machine. Precision Sharpening Devices

In addition to corded and cordless versions, the Bevel Buddy is now available in a pneumatic-powered option. The Bevel Buddy is available through Morbark and its worldwide dealer network.

Since 1988 Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc., has been manufacturing counter grinding/back bevelling equipment for knives used by a variety of industries, mostly for the pulp and paper, sawmill, plywood, and whole tree chipping markets.

The Bevel Buddy handheld sharpener allows the knives to be re-sharpened without being removed from the machine. The knives can be re-sharpened this way two to three times, reducing customer downtime.

“The pneumatic Bevel Buddy Chipper Knife Sharpener offers our customers another product that helps them operate their equipment at the highest levels of efficiency,” said Mark Mills, president of Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc. “The benefit of the pneumatic model is that the unit will have even power throughout its life for a smoother grind. A battery-powered unit will lose power as the battery loses its charge, but the corded and pneumatic units will not.”


Another improvement is that the indexing procedure can be performed six times, at a half-turn each, before the duplex abrasive is reversed and the Bevel Buddy head is indexed back to the start of the indexing procedure for another six indexes, after which the abrasive must be replaced.

“Like Morbark, Precision Sharpening Devices is not content to rest on its laurels,” said John Foote, Morbark senior vice-president. “They are continually improving their products to increase customer success. The Bevel Buddy helps our customers keep their chipper knives sharp to be more efficient and more productive.”

The use of the Bevel Buddy will improve a chipper operator’s maintenance process while greatly decreasing overall operating costs involved in chipping. These sharpeners work with disc- and drum-style chippers and conventional pocket style, face-mounted and reversible/disposable knife systems, as well as recyclers with chipping knives. The use of these sharpeners will show a cost savings in knife steel and machinery wear parts, along with increased production.

For more information, visit www.morbark.com.

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