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Precision’s CNC Guide Dresser available through four distributors

August 4, 2015 - Precision Machinery’s CNC Guide Dresser has 10 years of development, revision and market testing and over 40 customers across North America willing to testify to its performance. Fast. Reliable. Proven. The machine is available direct from the manufacturer (Precision Machinery) and these four distributors: Cox Saw, Carbide Tool Works, Missoula Saw, and Haskins Industrial. If the person you are dealing with is not on this list, they are not selling a genuine Precision CNC Guide Dresser.

CNC Guide Dresser features include:

  • All your guides in one machine
    Mounting systems are custom engineered for your mill. ALL your guides can be processed with one machine. Our Fast-Setup design allows operators to quickly change between guide profiles and store up to 90 customized guide settings with our standard package.
  • Touchscreen interface
    A simple touch screen interface maintains accurate targets. Precision’s Safecut technology ensures the right guide and the right setting, every time.
  • Face mills
    Multiple insert face mills are available in two sizes to ensure the demands of your operation are met. Indexable carbide inserts are readily available and can be easily rotated up to four times if worn or damaged. No timely setup is required.
  • CNC machine spindles
    Powerful motors drive high speed, high precision CNC milling machine spindles. These motors will provide long life and service from your machine.
  • Slides
    Precision ground slides are adjustable in increments down to 0.0002”. Operators can fine tune guides with extreme precision in seconds.
  • Granite machine base
    The Precision CNC Guide Dresser has a unique base that guarantees the machine will cut with unparalleled accuracy, regardless of environmental changes around it.
  • Three-point frame
    Designed to ensure machine stability on any floor.

Check out a video of Precision's CNC Guide Dresser at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm5mmqPvihA.

August 4, 2015  By Precision Machinery

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