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Premier Tech introduces a faster Robotic Palletizer

April 24, 2020  By Premier Tech

Delivering up to 25 bags per minute, the Premier Tech AR-225 model is one of the fastest robotic bag palletizers available on the market. Compact and offering low and easy maintenance, the AR-225 is the ideal solution for a robotic option at a lower cost compared to a conventional palletizer.

Fully automatic, it offers tremendous versatility and lowers downtime with its pallet magazine and dispenser that can handle pallets of different sizes. The high-speed robotic palletizer is also capable of handling bags, bales and bundles, and when slip and top sheets are required the robot can be programmed to pick the sheets from a bin and place them on the pallet.  For maximum speed, automatic slip and top sheet dispensers can be added so that the robot can focus solely on palletizing.

The Pattern Expert, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allows users to easily modify existing palletizing patterns and to create new ones with highly accurate bag positioning. Available in multiple languages, the user interface is accessible remotely by Premier Tech whenever support is required. Click here to see a video.


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