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Resolute is suing Greenpeace over years-long forestry battle

March 7, 2017 - Resolute Forest Products is filing a lawsuit against Greenpeace, stating the environment conservation group has been slanderous in its claims against the forestry company.

Since 2012, Greenpeace has stated that Resolute has not carried out environmentally friendly logging practices, thus harming animals and ecosystems, and disregarding Indigenous people and their lands. 

Resolute has denied the claims and is now suing Greenpeace after the latter recently admitted that its claims against Resolute were not fact-based.

Greenpeace is currently trying to toss out the lawsuit without a hearing.

Resolute vice-president Seth Kursman told the Canadian Press, “This is the most significant development in the four-plus years of this saga. Greenpeace has admitted that they were lying about our forestry practices. Their campaign has been peddling falsehoods.”

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March 7, 2017  By  Tamar Atik

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