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Rottne Industri introduces unique replacement system: Rottne XParts

March 21, 2022  By Rottne Industri AB

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Rottne Industri AB is unique in the industry in offering the preventive replacement of machine parts. The concept is called Rottne XParts and it saves you time and money as well helping the environment. This already highly acclaimed concept has now been upgraded to something even better.

Whether or not this is about Småland frugality and keeping an eye on the pennies, we couldn’t say. Preventively changing components at a pre-planned time, such as during a service or the holidays, can bring you substantial savings. In terms of both money and time. Not only is the risk of breakdown significantly reduced, you can also feel confident that unwelcome downtime will be avoided – regardless of the machinery you’re using.

A good time is the service to be done after 6,000, 9,000 or 12,000 hours. The service takes two days, but if you use that time to replace a worn hydraulic pump, it only takes half a day extra. Rottne’s machines are designed to be service-friendly with easy access, which makes doing replacements extra fast. And of course the oil has to be changed during a service anyway.

Rottne Xparts in four easy steps:

  • Take the opportunity to replace a component when your machine is already scheduled for a shutdown.
  • If a unit breaks, order a new replacement part from your dealer. If your need is urgent, we’ll send it out to you by express delivery.
  • You then send the worn/replaced unit to us within 30 days.
  • In our workshop, we repair the worn unit and you only pay the cost of repair or restoration. The price will never be more than 90 per cent of the new price and the average price ends up at about 60 per cent.

And, as the icing on the cake, we even offer a better guarantee compared to a new spare part. We can do that because it’s us here at Rottne that repair the defective/worn part. Compared to a new spare part, which has a warranty for six months or 1,000 hours, you get double that – one year or 2,000 hours.

With Rottne XParts, you have the security of knowing your machine will quickly be back ready for work in the forest. With a machine that runs well, not only are the risks of downtime and overheating decreased, but so too is fuel consumption. With preventive replacements, you get great protection at work – both financially and in terms of time and the environment. Learn more at www.rottne.com/en/.

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