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Samuel straps on savings

Nov. 11, 2013 - Samuel Strapping Systems, one of North America's leading suppliers and manufacturers of strapping equipment and machinery, is partnering with various sawmills around the country to pursue the perfect method of securing lumber for either the dry kiln or storage: polyester strapping.

Deformation of stacked green lumber during kiln drying costs sawmills significant amounts of money in degraded material and labour, as well as posing safety and fire hazards throughout the facility. In the past, mills have used concrete slabs or hydraulically-actuated kiln-mounted plates, to limited success. Concrete slabs are dangerous, and hydraulic plates can only be used in certain facilities.

Neither of these solutions is ideal for lumber packs placed in high-capacity continuous dry kilns, which are in constant motion and at high risk of boards falling off. Fallen boards could ignite and cause incredible damage.

Samuel Strapping Systems approached sawmills with a different solution—polyester strapping. This practical and cost-effective solution is safer than concrete blocks and more mobile than mounted plates, and even more effective at reducing the number of twisted, crooked, and warped pieces in each stack.

Over time, Samuel Strapping Systems and its partnering mills have seen great results. Polyester strapping applied to green lumber packages increases the post-drying yield because the strapping secures the lumber on all four sides.

On the safety front, polyester strapping eliminates the risk of falling pieces and the resulting fire and safety hazards. When used with appropriate equipment, polyester strapping maintains package integrity from the sawmill through to the planer mill with no lost boards.

Sawmills all over the country are making the switch to polyester strapping, and Samuel Strapping Systems is glad to assist them in making their operations safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

Samuel Strapping Systems is one of Canada's leading suppliers of industrial packaging supplies and solutions. Their products cover multiple industries, including the forestry, metals, container, and print, and feature a full range of packaging solutions such as strapping, stretch wrapping, coding and labeling, and baling.

November 11, 2013  By  Amie Silverwood

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