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San Group changes location of Port Alberni mill

April 24, 2019  By  Ellen Cools

In December 2018 San Group announced it would built its new sawmill next to Catalyst Paper, in Port Alberni.

However, the company is now planning to build the new mill at its Coulson Mill site outside of town, following complaints from the public about potential noise, Alberni Valley News reports.

According to Alberni Valley News, construction on the new mill began last week.

San Group has also now started construction of a new 100,000 square foot remanufacturing plant, instead of waiting for the new sawmill to be built. The plant will include five dry kilns and other high-tech machinery.


The company will be investing several hundred million dollars in their lumber business in Port Alberni. Alberni Valley News reports that their goal is to create products that can be used in Canada instead of being exported.

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