Sept. 28, 2018 - Canadian Forest Industries presents the latest scanner and optimizer technology on the market. 
Sept. 24, 2018 - With more options in more applications, USNR has a log infeed solution that’s right for you.
Sept. 18, 2018 - B.C.-based SiCam Systems has added machine intelligence to its quality control systems that automatically adjusts cutting tools to maintain quality and size in the sawmill.
Sept. 13, 2018 - Linden’s latest self cleaning double acting step feeders unscramble, singulate and feed logs one at a time using only one moving section activated by two haydraulic drives handling up to 50 logs per minute while clearing debris as it unscrambles and singulates logs.
Sept. 7, 2018 - With over 35 years of experience and facilities throughout North America, BID Group is the leading integrated supplier of turnkey solutions for equipment, technology, data analytics and service to the forest products industry. BID Group creates strategic value for its clients with fast response times, highly efficient execution and outstanding customer support. Our team is excited to demonstrate these new and innovative solutions at the 2018 TP&EE show:
Sept. 4, 2018 - From facial recognition to medical diagnostics to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is becoming a fixture in our everyday lives. But how does AI fit into your sawmill operation?
Aug. 30, 2018 - Saw Control Systems has announced a new hands-free sawing system. The sawyer heads the log towards the saw and the automatic control takes over. The sawyer is not required to have his hand on the joystick, but it is advisable to have it nearby. The entry speed is pre-set by depth-of-cut tables. As the log enters the cut, the saw control system adds speed to the carriage. If the least amount of snake occurs, the system reacts instantly by backing off the feed. As soon as the saw is stable again the feed returns to the established rate. 

The system was developed at Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Co. in Smithfield, N.C. They have had the basic joystick control on their hydraulic shotgun for 15 years. 

The saywer is still in control overall, the flick of the wrist drops auto feed controls out. It is also dropped out when he hits the auto return button on the control handle or manually reverses the carriage. 

The new control system is designed to help sawyers out-perform normal handle control.  

For more info see, search us on YouTube, or call the inventor Reid Smith at 208-691-1732.
Aug. 20, 2018 - Artificial intelligence, X-ray scanning, closed-loop technology, industry 4.0... Where can sawmillers learn about all these hot topics in just one day?
Aug. 20, 2018 - Canadian Forest Industries brings you the latest in advancements in game-changing sawmill software.
Aug. 15, 2018 - 3D laser scanning, also called geometric scanning, is the process used to measure the shape of logs or boards in a sawmill. It works by using a scan head to project beams of light onto the surface of the wood with a laser. A camera inside the scan head looks at the shape of the laser to generate plots of points along this surface.
July 27, 2018 - Eight Solutions Inc., a technology company offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for everyone, announced that a letter of intent has been signed with BID Group Technologies Ltd. to form a joint venture called Oper8.
July 25, 2018 - Neiman Enterprises has selected the Epicor LumberTrack system to seamlessly manage its business and prepare operations for future growth.
July 20, 2018 - TradeTec Computer Systems of Parksville, B.C., a leading solutions partner to the lumber industry since 1986, is committed to providing decision-makers access to the best information possible, in real-time. The TradeTec product development and implementation services team are the largest dedicated team in the industry; and with over 200 years collective experience, the impact of TradeTec solutions become increasingly popular every year.

TradeTec is widely known for its TallyWorks and TallyWeb solutions that manage logs and lumber inventory in mills and warehouses; and TradeTec is the only lumber industry partner to have developed a computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS), Visual Maintenance Man (VMM).

The impact of TradeTec as a partner is financially measurable almost immediately; the financial returns of this impact of a TradeTec partnership are characterized consistently as stable, configurable, and intuitive products delivered by highly-qualified implementation services. The TradeTec impact is sustained by six pillars:

I – Important
  • TradeTec knows their work is important for local and global lumber markets.
M – Mode
  • TradeTec operates in an entrepreneurial mode driven by learning.
P- Preparedness
  • TradeTec prepares an enterprise to make critical decisions using the best information possible.
A- Actionable
  • TradeTec takes action in response to the lumber industry only.
C- Connected
  • TradeTec solutions connects the enterprise in real-time.
T- Time-sensitive
  • TradeTec solutions are time-sensitive; and render immediate access to historical and forecasted information that describes critical enterprise functions.
The rendering of real-time information from TradeTec solutions impacts the enterprise from the first moment logs are identified through the entire production and distribution process because they represent both disruptive and sustaining innovations. Disruptive innovations are distinguished as those which create a demand for something, which never existed before, and is often a product improvement; whereas a sustaining innovation enhances something already in place, and is often a process improvement.

As depicted in the graphic, production and distribution processes are becoming increasingly automated, leveraging a variety of sensors, drives, interface, and controls; and with that, the criticality of interfacing operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) is also increasingly important. This phenomenon of interfacing OT into the resulting IT, is known also as the Internet-of-Things (IoT) or Internet-of-Everything; and is the inevitable outcome of the fourth Industrial Revolution wherein everything locale and global is being digitized and connected. The technologies necessary to interface OT and IT include both disruptive and sustaining innovations, such as what TradeTec provides the lumber industry.

OT refers to hardware and software that monitor and direct tangible units, people and assets. IT refers to information rendered for decision-making functions; and in general, IT does not include embedded technologies that do not generate data for enterprise use.

TradeTec solutions render real-time data that describe OT and IT. TallyWorks is an IT solution resulting often from OT; and VMM is both IT and OT solution. For instance, an automated tally of a bundle of lumber results from vision enabled OT and becomes IT or information that describes inventory and is referenced while making decisions like “how much should I sell this bundle for?”

As an OT solution, VMM allows bi-directional human interface into equipment (HMI) that is connected using sensors (temp, RPM, hours, etc.) and automated controls (PLCs). These bi-directional signals over a network of sensors that trigger HMI or PLC controls to engage, is referred to as SCADA, supervisory control and data acquisition. TradeTec VMM is an OT or a SCADA system and is also an IT system wherein information stimulates human involvement beyond HMI in the form of work orders, purchase orders, and learning. While most SCADA allows HMI for bi-directional control of assets, it does not create a traceable stimulus for human engagement such as the function of a work-order. Similarly, in the process of completing a work-order, inventory is relinquished and becomes the stimulus for a purchase-order. This process of maintenance tracked in CMMS (i.e. work-orders and purchase-orders) is accomplished by ongoing learning.

Unlike a bi-directional SCADA interface (i.e. OT), VMM is also the information (i.e. IT) that engages the workforce by stimulating accountability measures and human resources development (HRD) through facilitated learning. The IT result of OT for monitor/control assets is the information describing workforce interactions with assets in the past to influence decisions about workforce interactions with assets in the future. Likewise, the IT result of OT HRD/learning is a knowledge base describing a skilled workforce of the past to influence decisions HRD/learning for a skilled workforce in the future.

TradeTec plans to stay dedicated exclusively to the lumber industry for the long-term. So, if you are a lumber producing enterprise or a lumber distributor, you can be confident that TradeTec has the product and process innovations you require now and in-the-future. TradeTec is committed to providing your decision makers access of the best information possible, in real-time.
July 19, 2018 - USNR has designed a new all-electric Stick-N-Stacker (Lunden style) that boasts many advanced features. You can take advantage of the newer technology through upgrades to your existing stacker.

The Rake Off Assembly upgrade converts your system from hydraulic to electric, achieving a smooth operation up to 20 cycles per minute while maintaining ability to retract forks, even if boards are out of position, without damaging the Rake Off.

  • Wide target design with breakaway pins prevents damage when contacting broken boards
  • Target closely follows the fork taper and pan contour preventing stick rake back issues
  • “Safe zero potential” prevents Rake Off from falling even with broken chains!
  • Removes rack and spur gears (formerly for equalization)
Click here to watch it in action.

USNR is continually making upgrades available for our existing systems as technology advances. For more upgrade options, click here.
July 18, 2018 - Are you a manufacturer or researcher in the sawmill industry offering an innovative optimization or automation option that can help modern sawmill operations succeed? Send us your proposal to present at OptiSaw.

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