June 9, 2016 - The Jordan Forest Products operation at Barnesville, Ga. is investing in a BioVision green mill grading system for its transverse Edger line.

The new grading system will employ Sawmill Suite Optimization together with advanced BioLuma 2900LVG sensors, integrating GrainMap (grain angle measurement), HD color vision and HD laser profiles at speeds of 2500 Hz. BioLuma 2900LVG is the most advanced transverse sawmill sensor for edger and trimmer grade optimization.

USNR has installed nearly 100 BioLuma scanning systems worldwide.

June 9, 2016 - ISIS Wood Product Solutions, Inc., because of world events out of its control, has officially changed its name to MillTech Inventory Management Solutions, Inc.

MillTech - a leading supplier of wood products inventory software – changed its name from ISIS Wood Product Solutions to distance itself from any connotations associated with the Islamic State of Iraq, also widely known as ISIS.  

The name MillTech itself was chosen to brand and better align the company's name with MillTech's focus on and success in supplying industry specific inventory software to the manufacturing or mill segment of the forest industry, including sawmills and secondary wood manufacturers.

About MillTech Inventory Management Solutions, Inc.
MillTech is a Vancouver-based software company that for the past 12 years was known as ISISWood Product Solutions. During that time MillTech developed and implemented inventory management systems at wood product companies throughout North America and New Zealand.  These companies include sawmills, remanufacturers, engineered wood companies, flooring manufacturers and moulding and millwork companies, both hardwood and softwood.

MillTech's inventory software simplifies even the most complex wood product inventory and production problems and processes. Like telling lumber mills what wood to profitably cut, purchase, inventory and sell and when.

MillTech is best known as the wood products ERP inventory  system that has the flexibility and functionality out of the box meets the very unique needs of lumber producing companies. Forward thinking flexibility built into the MillTech programs, plus current Microsoft technology allows MillTech to make programming changes in hours.  Most changes to the MillTech system are accomplished without program modification through configuration, typically done by the end user.
May 26, 2016 - USNR has developed an ingenious log feeding design to effectively control the flow of logs as they are loaded for processing. Our Integrated Log Loader is positioned at the last step in the log feeder, and precisely manages the gap between logs.

With consistent gapping the line can operate at higher speeds which improves throughput, and more stable log transport ensures a much more accurate scan. The lack of rocking motion also allows the conveyor to be shorter, conserving valuable space.

For more information, call 360-225-8267 or click here.

May 24, 2016 - The president of VAB Solutions, Jean Berube, recently announced the signing of a new contract with the Sainte-Marie de Beauce, Que.-based Lemay Sawmill, which covers the sale and installation of a new trimmer optimizer.

"This new equipment at the cutting edge of the technology will enable Lemay Sawmill to significantly increase its production efficiency by increasing their productivity and the quality of their product," says Berube.

Source: VAB Solutions Inc.

May 13, 2016 - USNR’s BioLuma 2900LVG integrates GrainMap (grain angle), HD colour vision and HD laser profiles at speeds of 2500 Hz. It’s one of the most advanced transverse sawmill sensors for edger and trimmer optimization.

GrainMap grain angle measurement affords more comprehensive defect analysis; it allows the optimizer to detect and classify more defects than a system without the benefit of this capability. HD colour images let your optimizer identify and classify minute defects for accurate grade classification, and HD laser profile measurements at the fastest data capture available let your system collect and analyze more complete data.

With nearly 100 BioLuma scanning systems installed worldwide, we’ve proven their value and performance for a broad range of processing applications. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

May 6, 2016 - Gilbert is proud to introduce the new S-Series Planer. The S-Series Planer is designed to run at feed speeds from 100 to 1,200 feet per minute and is the ultimate machine to produce value added products. The S-Series is the latest addition to Gilbert’s high-performing line of planers. This new model offers the same renowned Gilbert technology in a smaller machine. Many customers have expressed that they do not require a high speed planer line but they would like the high quality finish, increased accuracy and rapid setup times that newer model planers can offer.

With the S-Series Planer, Gilbert reaches out to many different types of clientele, specializing in value added manufactured wood products like moulding and millwork, remanufacturing, finger jointing, cedar, pine and rip saw operations. The S-Series uses the unique-to-Gilbert “Pull-Through” technology for high running uptime and productivity. The same Automatic Cutterhead Positioning System is installed to control all cutterheads and axes for efficient changeovers and higher grade finished lumber. Its compact design can fit very well into existing layouts.

For more information, visit or contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or 1.418.275.5041.
May 6, 2016 - On April, 20, 2016, at the young age of 97 years, Walter Sellick along with sons Howard Sellick, president; David Sellick, vice-president; and grandson, Colin Sellick, systems manager; had a ground breaking ceremony for a new multi-million dollar, 120,000 square feet facility. 

“In order to compete on a global scale, we needed to expand and build a state-of-the -art plant,” said Howard. 

Sellick Equipment has been manufacturing rough terrain and truck mounted forklifts for over 47 years to a variety of industries including building supply yards, engineered wood products, automotive recycling, oil field services, mining and military applications.  

In recent years, a new generation of forklifts was introduced featuring enhanced ergonomics, environmentally-friendly diesel engines, and increased lift capacities. 

Sellick products are supported by a nationwide dealer network providing superior parts and service needs.
May 6, 2016 - LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to be recognized in the 2016 edition of the Branham Top 250 Canadian ICT Companies list. Based on revenue the Branham300 Top 250 is the definitive list of the top Canadian information and communication technologies companies.

"With over 9,000 hi-tech companies operating in British Columbia alone, we are honored to be recognized as one of the top 250 Canadian companies by Branham300," comments CEO Terry Arden. "Over the last 18 years, we have invested heavily in the design and development of 3D sensor technology that is critical for the optimization, quality control, and automation of production systems. As a result, we have enjoyed significant growth year over year. None of this could have happened without the dedication and commitment by our 175 staff in 6 offices worldwide."

LMI products support numerous applications including wood processing, wheel alignment, metals and casting, road and rail inspection, factory automation, automotive and aerospace manufacturing. As the industrial landscape evolves, LMI Technologies continue to develop 3D scanning and inspection solutions for the smart factories of tomorrow.

"The Branham300 is designed to promote Canada's Information and Communication Technology industry and the people who build technology businesses in Canada. This year, we were thrilled to see Canada's Top 250 companies set another revenue record. It is a testament to the strength of our ICT sector." - Wayne Gudbranson, CEO, Branham Group

About LMI Technologies
As the OEM-focused 3D scanning and inspection leader, LMI Technologies is dedicated to developing easy-to-use solutions that increase productivity and profitability for our customers. LMI is shaping the industry with world-class 3D scanning and inspection solutions. Our globally recognized product line includes Gocator All-In-One 3D Smart Sensors, HDI 3D Scanning Systems, MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology Systems, and chroma+scan 3D Log and Board Sensors. For more information, visit
May 6, 2016 - Petro-Canada Lubricants, a Suncor business, has reformulated its Hydrex line of hydraulic fluids to deliver leading wear protection, greater energy efficiencies, extended oil life and strong performance in wide temperature ranges. Customers have come to know Hydrex, an industry leader for more than a decade, as a high-performance fluid that exceeds the demands of today’s advanced hydraulic systems – even in harsh environments.

“The full Hydrex line has always delivered beyond expectations,” says Robert Farthing, category manager, lubricants, Suncor. “Our objective with the reformulation is to take product performance even further and help customers achieve their goals to increase equipment and operational productivity.”

Hydrex, proven to provide up to two times better wear protection than global competitors, helps extend equipment life and reduce mechanical failures and maintenance. Engineered on a foundation of Petro-Canada’s ultra-pure, high Viscosity Index base oils, Hydrex is able to deliver maximum performance in the toughest conditions, from start up to shut down. Whether operating in environments with wide temperature ranges or consistently running equipment at very high temperatures, Hydrex is better able to respond to extremes in operating conditions to generate hydraulic pump and system efficiencies. This results in highly responsive performance, with field trials demonstrating 5% fuel savings in mobile equipment when compared against leading North American monograde hydraulic fluids. Performance trials also demonstrated a 6% increase in productivity.

By using API Group II and III base oils exclusively, Hydrex is proven to retain its protective properties for up to 10,000 hours, lasting up to three times longer than global competitors. The superior oxidation and thermal stability of each advanced formulation work to significantly lower sludge formation. All of this helps to keep system components free of varnish, prevent product degradation and extend drain intervals, which reduces time and money spent on maintenance and oil change-outs.

“All of these features not only protect equipment and maximize performance, they also benefit the bottom line,” says Farthing. “Operations should expect more from their hydraulic fluid. Though it may seem like one small spend as part of the overall operations budget, choosing the right hydraulic fluid can dramatically increase overall productivity and reduce operating costs.”

The Hydrex line of high-performance hydraulic fluids offers solutions for a wide range of hydraulic equipment and applications. Hydrex XV is an all-season, semi-synthetic hydraulic fluid for use in heavy duty hydraulic systems. Hydrex MV is ideal for applications operating at high pressures and exposed to wide temperature ranges. Both products enable inventory consolidation and eliminate the need for seasonal change-outs. Hydrex AW is a high-performance, anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed for use in industry segments in which temperature variations are limited. Petro-Canada Lubricants offers additional Hydrex specialty products designed to help various operations meet their needs.

All Hydrex hydraulic fluids start with the HT Purity Process to produce 99.9% pure, crystal-clear base oils. The combination of pure base oils and carefully selected additives in every Hydrex product delivers exceptional equipment performance, equipment uptime and productivity.
May 5 ,2016 - USNR’s BioLuma 2900V sensor lets you add defect scanning to your existing transverse edger and trimmer optimization. These sensors come complete with integrated LED illumination and mount directly onto your existing scan frame with a simple bolt-on upgrade. High-density colour images allow your optimizer to identify and classify defects for accurate grading. 

In USNR’s family of advanced transverse sensors, BioLuma 2900V is the choice for easily adding vision technology to your existing edger and trimmer optimization. There are nearly 100 BioLuma scanning systems installed worldwide.

April 26, 2016 – The Fornebu Lumber Company, based in Bathurst, N.B., needed a reliable material handler to keep up with the seasonal peaks of their business. When Fornebu bought a second Sennebogen this year, they gained 50 per cent more material handling capacity without increasing the number of machines in their fleet.

On a busy day, 100 trucks can pull into the Fornebu Lumber yard with thousands of 9’ (2.7 m) logs to be unloaded. Truckers will pace around, checking their watches hoping to be unloaded as quickly as possible in order to get another load, while at the same time, the saw line was spitting out framing lumber at 700 to 800 feet (213.4 to 243.8 m) per minute, hungry for more logs. 

On the other side of these unrelenting demands, Fornebu originally had four wheel loaders and three material handlers. They were good machines, but even a small problem with them cost Fornebu a lot in terms of downtime and lost productivity. Everything required a service call, and replacement parts weren’t easy to come by. 

The question of how to keep up the pace caused Michael Godin, general manager of Fornebu Lumber, many sleepless nights.

Soon after joining Fornebu three years ago, Godin put a plan in place to replace the aging equipment in the fleet. When he began the RFP process, Sennebogen was an after-thought because he wasn’t familiar with the brand. 

But during the demo-phase, the Sennebogen 830 material handler went from last to first on Godin’s list. The more he learned from Strongco about the machine’s easy-maintenance design, its robust reliability and safety, the higher it rose in his estimation. Godin says his strong mechanical background helped him assess the structural integrity of the machines as well as the relative ease of maintenance. 

“The way they designed the machine, it’s very, very tough,” he says.

Godin purchased the Sennebogen 830 M-HD S in 2013, and couldn’t be happier with its performance so far.

“I recommend Sennebogen material handlers to everyone,” says Godin. “When we brought the Sennebogen on line, our costs went down. Our downtime was reduced. We save time. We save money, plus we are more efficient in the yard.”

Godin was so impressed with the quality and reliability of the 830 that he bought a second one. It is a purpose-built 830 M-T wheeled material handler equipped with a logging grapple. 

The new machine has all the advantages of the first one, including an attachment capacity that’s 50 per cent larger than the material handler it replaced. The 830 M-T can handle 1.5 cords of wood in one scoop, requiring more power and more stability. The 830 M-T has no trouble stacking 3,000 lb (1,361 kg) loads higher than the other machines he compared it to. By stacking the piles even a few feet higher, Fornebu can get the most use out of its 15 acre (6 hectare) lumber yard.

With its investment in a Sennebogen 830 M-T, Fornebu has 50 per cent more unloading capacity. That means 50 per cent faster unloading and 100 per cent happier truckers, says Godin.

Godin also noted that the 830 M-T material handler has “a lot more power,” partially due to its dual transmissions. Operators use the 830 M-T to haul a trailer filled with 22 cords of wood over muddy, uneven ground.

“It’s easier to haul wood with the new Sennebogen,” he says. “When we go up the hill, we can feel the difference. You can even speed up if you want as you go up hill.” 

About Sennebogen
Sennebogen has been a leading name in the global material handling industry for over 60 years. Based in Stanley, North Carolina, within the greater Charlotte region, Sennebogen LLC offers a complete range of purpose-built machines to suit virtually any material handling application. Established in America in the year 2000, Sennebogen LLC has quickly become a leading provider of specialized equipment solutions for recycling and scrap metal yards, demolition, barge and port operations, log-handling, transfer stations and waste facilities from coast to coast. A growing network of distributors supports Sennebogen LLC sales and service across the Americas, ensuring the highest standard of professional machine support and parts availability.

April 25, 2016 - Austrian Hasslacher has invested in two progressive kilns from Swedish Valutec for its laminated wood plant in Sachsenburg, Kärnten, Austria.

“We need to increase the drying capacity and drying quality in terms of precision in the moisture content and reduced cracking. Valutec offered the best complete solution,” says Michael Fercher, technical manager for Hasslacher. 

Hasslacher is a family-owned sawmill group with seven plants in three countries. In connection with this investment, they are increasing their capacity in Sachsenburg, one of Europe's most modern laminated wood plants, from about 320,000 m3 to more than 400,000 m3 per year. 

“Hasslacher focuses extensively on quality and our consistent quality thinking in everything from building material to drying control was one of the main reasons that they chose us,” says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec.

The kilns from Valutec will be solely used to dry center cut timber down to a 12 per cent final moisture content.

“Our new generation of progressive kilns is well suited to Hasslacher's needs as they combine high capacity with perfect quality and are best suited to the drying of the dimensions and package sizes that Hasslacher has,” says Larsson.

The progressive kilns, which are made of stainless steel, will be equipped with pressure frames for minimal deformation of the top timber layer, as well as Valutec's system for heat recovery. The delivery also includes the Valmatic control system. The kilns will be delivered and assembled in the spring and summer and commissioned in the middle of September 2016.

The progressive kiln technology is still relatively unknown in Central Europe, but in recent years, Valutec has made a number of successful deliveries of progressive kilns to these countries.

“The higher demand for our progressive kilns is based on a combination of a deliberate effort for our part at the same time that sawmills in Central Europe have begun to become more and more aware of quality and set more stringent requirements on their suppliers,” says Larsson.

Leading up to the choice of supplier, Hasslacher visited several plants to evaluate both Valutec and the other suppliers of timber kilns.

“All of the Valutec plants were characterized by production running smoothly at the same time that the users were very positive. This is why Valutec feels like a safe choice as our supplier,” concluded Fercher.

April 5, 2016 - Canadian Forest Industries checks out the latest tech for the filing room.

March 30, 2016 - USNR’s ElectraTong Lug Loader features an all-electric design with excellent board control at high speeds. It excels in random thickness applications. ElectraTong doesn’t require incoming backlog pressure to deal the board, thus it handles feathered edge material well. It is coupled with our MillTrak backlog sensor, and operates at speeds of 250-plus lugs/min. in planer/dry mill applications.

Configurable clamping force accommodates handling appearance grades or timbers, and can be configured by product. With no overhead apparatus it offers easy access for maintenance.

March 22, 2016 - The Eurosaw S6D, developed by Söderhamn Eriksson, features shifting, double arbor circular breakdown saws for 4-sided cants. Eurosaw’s arbors telescope to match the size and shape determined by the optimizer. It is proven for accuracy and versatility to meet a variety of processing requirements.

Feed speed: 500 feet/min.

Cant size: max. 12” x 18”, min. 3” x 3”

Saw diameter: 24”

For more information, click here.

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