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Oct. 19, 2016 - Canadian Forest Industries has a rundown of the latest scanner and optimizer technology available to Canadian sawmills.

October 14, 2016  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

Scanning options

Comact has recently launched a new generation of its automated grader for lumber, the GradExpert. The new GradExpert design results from sound expertise acquired over the last 10 years on 100 such systems in operation worldwide.This new generation offers improved features designed to increase productivity and user-friendliness, in addition to its new modern look. New tested and proven technologies feature 100 per cent vision of the board, high-definition colour images, LED lighting, latest-generation electronics, in addition to the same knowledgeable and experimented team that lead our projects to success. The Comact team has made sure that all of these new technological developments are available to first-generation GradExpert owners, so that they can also benefit from the enhanced capabilities.

Concept Systems (1)
The LengthScanPro from Concept Systems is designed to eliminate unnecessary waste at buck saws. By providing length-based solutions, accurate to  +/- 1”, operators are able to make more precise bucking decisions faster. This improved accuracy enables operators to better utilize the stem, minimizing trim waste. Furthermore, with accurate length information, the stem can be processed such that trim waste is taken off the small end salvaging volume at the large end. The result is production output increasing five per cent, based on customer feedback. The LengthScanPro is tailored to meet mill specifications, and is low maintenance with no encoders or photoeyes to clean.


Autolog (2)
Autolog’s advanced visual defects detection technology, the TBS-2, uses tracheid data to detect knots, including low contrast knots (blond knots), as well as unsound wood, with minimal false detection. The TBS-2 defects detection technology identifies difficult to detect defects, improves high grade ratios, reduces trim loss and increases profits per MFBM produced. This sensor is the first in Autolog’s new series that can operate up to 4,000 ft. per minute. The operating speed of the sensor allows it to take readings at 1/8” (0.125”) at 4,000 ft. per minute. It can also operate at a speed of 1/10” (0.100”) at 3,000 ft. per minute.

LMI Technologies (3)
The chroma+scan 3000 series sensor from LMI Technologies offers high-density 3D lumber profiling at fast scan rates. The chroma+scan platform is scalable, allowing
you to apply 2D colour vision or tracheid detection
to optimize the value recovery of your wood materials for automatic grading. Designed for true coplanar scanning in transverse applications, the chroma+scan 3000 series sensors deliver impressive data accuracy.

Airstar (4)
Airstar Inc. designs and manufactures quality control systems for the forestry product industry. The Blow Detector systems can test all forestry engineered wood products of any thickness, configuration, and species, including plywood, LVL, OSB, MDF and solid lumber. It can also monitor the bondline quality of EWP. Airstar’s 40 to 1 signal to noise ratio is unmatched in the industry and this enables the sensors to be fully non-contact and positioned at perpendicular angle to the material to achieve repeatable results while testing different thicknesses. The standard Airstar Blow Detectors penetrate EWP up to 200 mm (8”) thick and have superior defect resolution and repeatability.

Lucidyne (5)
Lucidyne’s GradeScan is your maximizer for fibre and value recovery, product quality and consistency, marketplace reputation and positioning. Graders have been training for decades. Today, Lucidyne trains GradeScans. We individualize GradeScan to become your mill’s improved certified grader, optimizing today’s opportunities, preparing for future enhancements. Unique in the industry, Lucidyne builds GradeScans locally and boasts 30-plus years of continuing ownership and management. We are an unparalleled team of veterans, new talent, scientists, innovators, designers, builders, trainers, installers, service specialists. We’re proud of our work, our results, and our industry relationships. We thrive with our customers. Our customers thrive with GradeScan.

USNR (6)
Applying BioVision in the sawmill increases your finished grade outturn, recovery, and total value. BioVision combines colour vision technology with high-density geometric scanning to deliver the highest value optimized decisions for grade and recovery, based on the detection of natural and manufacturing defects, and the configurable grade allowances per product. And you don’t have to replace your current scanning system! Independent modules allow for a controlled migration from geometric scanning to BioVision grade scanning. With a simple bolt-on upgrade, the system can be added to any existing transverse MillExpert scanner.

JoeScan (7)
JoeScan’s scan heads have been made for sawmills since the company introduced its first scanner in 2002. JoeScan’s new scanner, the JS-25 X6B, addresses the sawmill industry’s need for a carriage headrig scanner with a large standoff. The JoeScan JS-25 X6B carriage scanner enables a standoff up to 120 inches, providing the flexibility to accommodate larger logs. The JS-25 X6B features a slim housing, runs on direct Ethernet and uses the same calibration and diagnostic tools as the other JS-25 X-Series scanners. The foundation of all JoeScan products is simplicity and reliability. Every scanner model comes with plug-and-scan Ethernet, a five-year warranty and a 10-year product support policy to protect against obsolescence.

SiCam Systems (8)
Closed loop size control is now available from SiCam Systems. This latest addition to our RealTime scanning technology provides intelligent feedback to make automatic machine adjustments to keep your lumber on size. By measuring, analyzing and adjusting SiCam is able to keep your equipment cutting more reliably helping you produce a better product. Our closed loop system inspects your lumber to ensure that you achieve maximum recovery and detect quality issues quickly. SiCam Systems is the trusted name for mill wide quality control solutions; contact us to learn how SiCam can help improve your bottom line.

Porter Engineering (9)
RT3 Automatic Rotation Correction reduces errors associated with log rotation systems. The system processors continuously compare log shape data from the Automatic Rotation Conveyor to that being scanned by the Automatic Correction Scanners mounted near the log turner to determine the present angle of the log during the rotation process. The system continuously calculates the difference between the actual and desired angles of rotation and transmits that information to the PLC control system for corrective action. Countless installations are testimonials to increases in recovery and value.

Springer Microtec (10)
The Goldeneye 900 Multi-Sensor Transverse Quality Scanner is built for planed or rough lumber grading, in green, dry or planer mills. This new generation transverse lumber scanner showcases Microtec’s technological innovation. It is the only transverse quality scanner that uses X-ray scanning over the whole board length, and determines the overall quality of green, dry or planed lumber in one pass from all four sides without board turning. Value optimization before and after kiln drying is possible as the Goldeneye 900 grades both rough and finished lumber. The scanner is ideal for sawmills, scanning, grading and sorting rough lumber and to optimize trimming.

VAB Solutions Inc. (11)
VAB Solutions Inc. has developed a new tracking system that completely eliminates the need to mark the boards. Using cameras, the Air Board Tracker is mounted above the tracking area and, with our proprietary software, this unique innovative technology visually follows the board and keeps it associated with its assigned ID number. No contact, no printing on boards; no mistakes because of bark or holes under the print area; nirtual board numbering and hand off to the lug loader or board dealer; up to 100 per cent reading efficiency; replaces photocells, with infinite adjustment per product (e.g. lug loader accumulation adjustment directly from the PLC per product); no more maintenance and replacement costs for consumables or marking hardware.

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