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Sennebogen appoints new sales manager

Sennebogen announced the appointment of Ryan Zenor as Regional Sales Manager for its northeastern sales territories of North America.

"Ryan's extensive knowledge with material handling equipment and his personal experience through many industry sectors throughout North America make him an excellent fit for our organization," said Constantino Lannes, President of SENNEBOGEN LLC.

Zenor will work closely with SENNEBOGEN distributors and customers in the New England states and in the eastern provinces of Canada, from Manitoba to Nova Scotia. He has completed several weeks of orientation at the SENNEBOGEN training center in Stanley, NC.

A native of Atlanta, GA, Zenor was educated in Meridian, MS, and also launched his career in the equipment industry there. Past assignments include several years serving customers of forestry machines throughout North America, as well as providing regional sales and support to log handling, scrap handling and port facilities for Pierce Pacific.

Heavy machinery service was his first professional experience after earning his business diploma. "I was hired out of college by Blount Equipment. They immediately put me into the field implementing a system retrofit for their remote controlled delimbers – that was a crash course in diesel engines and hydraulics that still serves me well!"

With the recent introduction of SENNEBOGEN's unique 830 M-T forestry trailer-pulling machine, Zenor's time with Blount has provided him with a strong background and deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the market.

"I have always had to compete with SENNEBOGEN in every market," he reports. "I recognized then how SENNEBOGEN has been able to retain a simple hydraulic design while others have shifted to electronics. I've seen how customers appreciate that their mechanics in the yard and the field can work on SENNEBOGEN equipment and keep it running without looking outside for help."

"I always heard good things about SENNEBOGEN support," Zenor continues. "It's all borne out in their training program. This is a family business with a strong sense of family throughout the group, and extends right through to the customers."

December 5, 2012
By Sennebogen