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Six corporations promote FSC to consumers

Oct. 17, 2016 - For the first time, six publicly traded companies – some of which are competitors – have come together to promote the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) directly to consumers. The companies are HP Inc., International Paper, Kimberly-Clark, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and Williams-Sonoma, Inc. all sell FSC-certified products.

The campaign represents an unusual corporate-NGO partnership, which includes FSC and World Wildlife Fund. Using a video titled "One Simple Action," the goal is to encourage consumers to purchase products bearing the FSC label, which means the forests the products came from were managed responsibly.

“These companies know that to meet customer expectations about sustainability, sometimes you have to put competition aside and do what's right for the planet," said Corey Brinkema, president of FSC US.

“We also know that forest conservation can be good for the bottom line, especially when it demonstrates good corporate citizenship," he added.

"One Simple Action" refers to the fact that FSC-certified products are widely available across the North America, making purchases simple. Yet FSC states that the impact of buying FSC-certified products is profound, driving benefits to people and wildlife that depend on forests to live. According to FSC, after consumers are exposed to basic information, research found that FSC has a strong influence on product purchase and retailer selection.

October 17, 2016  By Cindy Macdonald Pulp & Paper Canada

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