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Skeena sawmills enters fibre supply agreement supporting First Nations

July 2, 2020  By Skeena Sawmills

Skeena Sawmills announced today that the Company has entered into fibre supply agreements with each of Kitselas Forestry Limited Parentship (KFLP), a wholly-owned enterprise of the Kitselas First Nation, and Kalum Ventures Ltd. (KVL), a First Nations company fully owned and operated for the benefit of Kitsumkalum Band members. Each agreement provides for Skeena to purchase approximately 45,000 cubic metres of fibre annually from KFLP- and KVL-held tenures.

Under the terms of the three year agreements, harvesting operations will be conducted by KFLP and KVL within their tenure areas, with fibre delivered to and processed at Skeena’s sawmill in Terrace, BC. The agreements include the option for a two-year renewal, at the discretion of the Parties.

“This agreement provides KFLP with a stable local customer and will support our goals of growing economic opportunities for Kitselas First Nation members and achieving our stewardship and resource objectives for our tenures,” said KFLP Operations Manager Richard Seymour.

“Kalum Ventures has a mandate to provide economic development and employment opportunities for the benefit of the Kitsumkalum Band members, and this agreement expands our ability to achieve those dual objectives on our tenures and forest lands,” said Lyle Bolton, General Manager of KVL.


“Skeena is committed to maximizing the value of the fibre we source and creating great local jobs with local logs,” said Skeena Sawmills General Manager Greg DeMille. “These agreements support our continued stability as a local employer, and expand our great working relationship with both KVL and KFLP, two strong local Indigenous business partners.”

“These new fibre supply agreements bolster the fibre security for our Terrace sawmill,” said Skeena president Roger Keery. “As we continue to advance our expansion and investment

plans, formalizing partnerships with the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum Bands supports the continued growth of Skeena’s successful business model, and we look forward to continued partnership toward building a sustainable, prosperous forest sector in the region.”

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