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Soilworks introduces road dust control technology

Chandler, Ariz. – Soilworks has introduced patent pending gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology with its Durasoil dust control product, producing the purest, greenest and most effective synthetic dust suppression fluid in the world.

Until now, petroleum-based dust suppressants and synthetic fluid derivatives have been made from toxic and hazardous crude oil. Today however, Soilworks has introduced cutting-edge technology by producing its Durasoil synthetic dust control fluid from clean, affordable and abundant natural gas. The result is the purest, most efficient dust control product in the world, something consumers have come to expect from Soilworks, the leading authority in the dust control and soil stabilization industry.

Durasoil’s unique ground-breaking synthetic fluid properties control dust on a micron level in the most extreme and intense-use situations by “wetting out” any soil or aggregate to create a long-term, re-workable and self-healing solution that coats and agglomerates particulates, weighing them down like water without evaporating or freezing.

Durasoil has many applications in the construction, energy and mining industries, as well as the military. Durasoil is applied to stabilize and control dust for such diverse applications as underground mining heavy haul roads, remote dirt and gravel aircraft runways, border patrol roads, forestry roads and even military tank trails.

Long known as a cornerstone product for Soilworks, Durasoil has an extensive track record of making history. It is the first non-corrosive, water-insoluble dust control product to be certified for its environmental efficacy and verified for superior quality by BNQ. Furthermore, Durasoil’s most recent independent third-party testing and BNQ re-certification, utilizing the new GTL technology, further substantiates the valuable enhancements the new technology brings to the market.

“Our extensive research and innovation into this pioneering dust suppression technology has now driven the industry standards to extreme new heights furthering Durasoil’s unparalleled and unsurpassed environmental and performance distinctions,” said Chad Falkenberg, founder of Arizona-based Soilworks.

Unique enhancements to Durasoil with GTL technology include the ability to be applied as-is during the winter, in extreme arctic conditions approaching -100° F (-73°C); when other products have long frozen solid. Furthermore, its non-volatile formulation and increased resistance to oxidation from intense UV sun rays further extends Durasoil’s performance longevity even in scalding hot, arid environments.

“The primary benefit of our GTL technology and production process is simple,” Falkenberg said. “Clean, safe raw materials are the input, and clean, safe finished goods are the output.”

January 20, 2015  By  Andrew Macklin

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