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Spongy moth spraying planned for selected B.C. areas

May 2, 2023  By CFI Staff

Adult male spongy moth. Photo courtesy Government of B.C.

British Columbia’s Ministry of Forests will conduct aerial-spray treatments in several areas in the province in spring 2023 to eradicate spongy moths and minimize the risk they pose to forests, farms, orchards and trees.

Areas include Port Alberni, Campbell River, Courtenay and selected parts of Victoria.

Spongy caterpillars, also called gypsy moths, feed on the leaves of more than 300 species of trees and shrubs and can damage forests, farms and orchards. Large spongy moth populations have defoliated sections of forests and residential areas in Ontario and the eastern United States in recent years.

Click here to learn more about spongy moths and the upcoming sprays.


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