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Spotlight on chipping and grinding in 2019

Newest machines on the market for reducing Canadian wood

December 23, 2019  By CFI staff

The CBI Magnum Force 6400C Horizontal Grinder.

A rundown of the newest chipping and grinding machines available in Canada in 2019.

The CBI Magnum Force 6400C Horizontal Grinder is an extreme-duty machine engineered for resilience and high production when grinding contaminated demolition debris, railroad ties, whole trees, pallets, storm debris, shingles, logs, mulch, slash, and stumps. Built from a fully welded and line bored hog box, this yellow monster thrives more than any other horizontal grinder when processing high amounts of tough material. The revolutionary new “cassette style” clam shell design allows end-users to completely swap out rotors faster than any other grinder in its class. Go from grinding to chipping in half the time as before, and know you can accept jobs with various material demands. Four interchangeable rotors give this horizontal grinder the versatility needed to stay on top of changing markets.

Built to last, the Morbark 23X Chiparvestor whole tree chippers tackle larger trees with a 23-inch chipping diameter. Each chipper disc undergoes ultrasonic testing, making it the industry’s best. The 23X uses a 75-inch diameter by five-inch-thick disc to chip large volumes of wood, while the built-in dirt separator with deflector keeps the end product clean. Key improvements of the 23X include increased ground clearance; eight-foot, four-inch width for legal transport worldwide; a simplified feed system; and a large work platform and improved chipper hood design for easier and safer inspections and maintenance.

With over 40 years of experience in the forest and sawmill related industries, Rawlings delivers wood grinding equipment with a reputation for durability, performance and reliability. Since 1976 Rawlings Manufacturing has been manufacturing and installing custom wood grinding systems. Rawlings offers a complete line up of wood grinders in a full range of sizes and models. Add a wide variety of available options such as work platform decks, choice of belt, chain, vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors, metal, or magnet protection, product screening and separation, and you’ve got the flexibility to customize the perfect wood grinding system.


Acrowood has long been known as a chipper manufacturer. From 42-inch diameter disc rechippers to 175-inch diameter whole log chippers, Acrowood and its predecessors Black Clawson and Sumner Iron Works have supplied chippers and forest products equipment for over 100 years. Since the 1960s, Acrowood’s slant disc chippers have seen widespread acceptance and use in waste wood chipping applications. In recent years, there has been increasing utilization of smaller diameter stems. The Acrowood Slant Disc has proven a great choice for chipping these small diameter stems, delivering high-quality chips for both the pulp mill and pellet mill.

Baumalight’s S40 is a stump grinding powerhouse for your skid-steer. Its power comes from the industry-leading bent axis piston motor. The massive 1.25-inch-thick steel rotor provides the backbone for the stump grinder and is equipped with 20 carbide green teeth. The bolt-on design of the teeth allows for straightforward replacement. The teeth can also be rotated up to three times to provide a renewed cutting surface. The swing control can also be wired to be controlled using the internal control of your skid-steer, either with an eight- or 14-pin AUX connection for standard skid-steers.

Converting waste wood into material for biomass, mulch, or livestock bedding is easy with USNR chippers designed for your application. USNR’s powerful Waste Wood Chipper comes in four sizes and three configurations, handling logs from 11- to 22-inch in diameter. Basic horizontal feeding needs no special installation layout, while gravity feeding handles high volumes. The J-spout design has a higher capacity typically fed by a vibrating conveyor. All models accommodate bottom, rear, and top discharge. Additionally, the helical knives of USNR’s Norman Chipper slice uniform chips instead of scraping them from the stock, eliminating sawdust, slivers, and oversize split ends. It handles logs from 8.25- to 22-inch diameters.

Brunette Machinery
The CBI Magnum Force 5400SE-SA, the newest addition to Brunette Machinery’s product line, is engineered for consistent, cost-effective production. The 5400SE-SA’s rugged mainframe delivers the durability needed for grinding pallets, C&D, dunnage, bush grind, whole logs and more. This robust grinder features a dual feed-roll system that affords continuous feed for bulky materials, while the large capacity conveyor provides optimal feed to the hog chamber. With interchangeable rotors for chipping or grinding, the Magnum Force 5400SE-SA provides the flexibility to process a wide variety of materials and generate the products that clients demand – all with one reliable, versatile, flexible machine.

Kadant Carmanah
Kadant Carmanah’s 55-inch and 65-inch Super Chippers are recognized in the industry for their outstanding chip quality, durability, and longevity. At the heart of these chippers is an extremely rigid disc that starts its life as a casting. Kadant Carmanah chose to manufacture from a casting because it allows for added contours, stiffness, and mass in ways that are too costly to achieve with fabricated and machined plate steel. These high-inertia discs are the heaviest in the industry, helping to contribute to the Super Chipper’s heavy-duty reputation.

HogZilla Monster grinders are built extra-heavy duty in sizes ranging from mid-sized to massive and can be configured as stationary, fifth-wheel portable, track mounted, or with a mounted grapple. Twenty standard models with numerous options are available, providing the most durable, most reliable and efficient, diesel or electric powered, high capacity tub or horizontal grinder in the industry with proven production, impeccable follow-up service when needed, and high-quality parts. The new 2019 TC-1564P HogZilla is equipped with an optional thrown object restraint system, and is powered by a Tier 4, C32 1000-hp Cat engine and torque converter drive.

Bruks Siwertell
What happens when trim blocks turn sideways in a sawmill waste wood chipper’s spout? In disc chippers they come out as slabs and chunks, since the misorientation results in very poor chipping. But in Bruks’ drum chipping, the internal screen holds the slabs and chunks inside until they are chipped again by the spinning drum, ensuring that they emerge as chips. Sawmills are catching on that there is good money to be made by replacing disc chippers with drum chippers, re-using existing motors, extending the time between knife changes, while also seeing that mixing trim blocks with edgings works well.

Precision Husky
Precision Husky Corporation has been manufacturing equipment for sawmills, forestry business, chip mills, composting companies, governmental agencies, and other wood waste recycling and disposal companies since 1964. The ProGrind division recently added a track mounted Tub Style Grinder to its line. The 5200T grinder is the most productive machine of its size on the market today. It is powered by a 1050-hp or 1200-hp diesel engine with a 13-foot tub opening and a very aggressive hammermill. The machine will process stumps, logs, brush, pallets, demo wood, and produce a viable end product in one pass. www.precisionhusky.com

Replace high-cost shears, knife chippers, and chip crackers with WSM’s unique No-Knife Re-Sizer. These units deliver substantial value by expanding your sources of wood fibre, reducing handling costs, and substituting high-cost fibre with low-cost fibre. WSM’s No-Knife Re-Sizer easily converts chip overs into useable fibre while minimizing fines. Materials typically processed include chip overs, chip over thick, shaving, hogged wood, in-woods chips, and urban wood. It is field-proven in pulp mills and high-volume fibre preparation applications. Low maintenance features, including WSM’s exclusive pivot case for easy and quick access to routine wear parts with infeed components in place, further increase your savings. Optional replaceable hammer tips eliminate the need to pull hammers and pins. WSM’s No-Knife Re-Sizer is a proven performer at rates up to 75 TPH. Rates climb to 150+ TPH with a WSM pre-screen to screen out acceptably sized material prior to grinding, further reducing maintenance costs. www.westsalem.com

Rotochopper’s B-66 L-Series horizontal grinder continues to impress customers and prospects. The B-66L incorporates enhanced features designed to improve input capabilities while maintaining grinding simplicity, increasing overall production rates with unmatched efficiency. Equipped to seamlessly transition from highway transport on Rotochopper’s Gen II Dolly to work site navigation, this grinder is engineered to efficiently process the toughest grinding applications, including land clearing, orchard removal and waste due to its high torque motors, updated hopper design, a more aggressive powerfeed roller and taller throat opening.

Peterson Pacific Corp.
Peterson Pacific Corp. has introduced the Peterson 1710D horizontal grinder to their product line. The 1710D’s large feed opening measures 54 inches x 27 inches. When boosted by Peterson’s high-lift feed roll, the feed opening’s maximum lift of 41.5 inches (105 cm) can tackle the largest of feedstock, and allows excellent accessibility to the rotor for maintenance. The 1710D horizontal grinder is equipped with a Caterpillar Tier IV C9.3B 455-hp engine, or an optional, export-only C9.3B Tier III, 415-hp engine. At 46,500 pounds, it is one of the lightest of Peterson’s grinder series and is easily transportable.

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