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December 15, 2022  By CFI Staff

BID Group

Canadian Forest Industries has the latest updates on kiln technology for drying Canadian lumber.

BID Group
BID Group has a proven reputation for the innovative design and manufacture of Deltech batch and continuous kilns, heating supplies, and controls. The turnkey, heavy-duty systems are uniquely designed to ensure maximum quality and controlled moisture content – regardless of the wood species and type of production, including value-added products.

Exceptionally robust and offering unmatched reliability to ensure long-term performance, the kilns are designed by a strong engineering team and backed by a team of experienced regional support specialists and parts department to keep your kilns working optimally.

EBI Dry Kiln Duty Motors
Since 1995, EBI has been the top-quality brand of high temperature, totally enclosed dry kiln duty motors of unsurpassed durability and long-term reliability. From one- to 30-hp, 900, 1,200 and 1,800 rotations per minute, they are used by lumber dry kiln manufacturers and sawmills in North and South America, Europe and Australia. EBI dry kiln duty motors are available through a distributor network for quick availability. They are built in NEMA or IEC frames, covered by the best warranty on the market (up to three years) and rated 120 C ambient temperature.


Value, support, quality and connection. These are the building blocks of Lignomat’s more than 40 years of success. The aspect of connection through technology is prominent with Lignomat’s MP32 kiln control platform. The kiln control system can text and e-mail selected individuals specific, selectable messages during the kiln drying process. One can automatically export process history data to existing or provided database infrastructure for in-depth analysis. Have remote access on any smart device through existing VPN, eliminating reliance on a paid, third-party remote software – that is connection from Lignomat kiln controls.

MEC Dry Kiln
MEC Dry Kiln offers almost 30 years of wood drying expertise to its customers. A Canadian field-proven leader, MEC is innovative in the design, manufacture, installation, and repair of wood drying equipment. Designed for northern climate and made of 100 per cent aluminium and stainless steel, its one-of-a-kind thermal bridge insolation wall makes its kiln one of the best choices in the market. MEC can now offer 100 per cent electric dry kiln. This technology allows a reduction in air evacuation and significant heat loss through a dry calorific ratio that does not require oxidizer. Only moisture from the wood is purged. The power can be modulated instantly and controlled precisely while keeping the temperature evenly distributed. Electricity is a clean resource for the environment that allows 100 per cent of the energy produced by the heat element to be applied to the drying process. MEC’s team of experts will take the time needed for a thorough analysis of the project and propose a solution.

Mühlböck has been developing the highest quality lumber drying kilns for over 40 years, scoring globally with their batch and continuous kilns, belt dryers and heat recovery systems, delivering up to 50 per cent in energy savings. Aside from their Dynamic CDK, they also offer the uni-directional progressive kiln FLOW, ensuring simple and fast loading and unloading. And with the automatic transport system and 4.0 industry-ready Mühlböck K5 control system, the progressive FLOW fills in the logistic gap, while increasing grade and productivity. Commissioning of one such Mühlböck progressive FLOW kilns was recently completed for MLTC BioEnergy Centre in Meadow Lake, Sask.

Nardi Kilns
Manufacturing wood dryers and controls since 1974, Nardi Kilns is a family-owned successful business based in Italy. Nardi is one of the world leaders in offering high-efficiency wood drying technology and offer the full spectrum of kiln types including customized specialty kilns. Nardi is present in over 100 countries, creating a wealth of experience in drying various wood species and lumber products. Its close co-operation with well-respected European universities and research institutes have placed Nardi’s kiln technology at the forefront for energy-saving solutions and high performances in terms of production capacities. Nardi seeks to create positive value for its customers’ continued success – its kiln products, services and solutions will always bear the trademark of being reliable, innovative and cost-effective.

The UniFlow kiln is a continuous kiln similar to the Counter-Flow kiln, but the heating chamber in the UniFlow has been moved from the middle to the ends. In the Counter-Flow kiln, lumber is loaded at opposite ends onto a cart with a hydraulic pusher system that indexes through the kiln at specified rates based on ambient temperature, moisture content, and desired throughput. The UniFlow kiln uses the same pusher system, except both tracks are loaded at the same end. Instead of having the hydraulics on either side of the kiln running opposite each other, both pushers are on the same side of the kiln, indexed together moving in the same direction. The result is impressive push rates, gaining two more feet per hour with 20 degrees less heat.

Wellons continues to provide effective lumber drying technology for over 50 years. Using specialized expertise, Wellons provides full turnkey installation. Offering both greenfield and batch kiln conversion options, Wellons’ continuous drying systems provide significant advantages over traditional batch kilns, including production guarantees that are met or exceeded, increased annual drying production, up to 30 per cent thermal energy recovery, and improved grade recovery. The systems also provide lower standard deviation on target moisture control, optimal utilization with the chamber always 100 per cent full of lumber and more consistent lumber feed through the planer.

Nyle Dry Kilns introduced a new industry-leading kiln control this year. The NDK 2.0R provides kiln operators with an innovative and advanced control system, allowing them complete control over their kiln schedules and product quality. The new control boasts the same features Nyle has had in their controls for years while adding advanced features such as; Electronic Wet-Bulb/ Dry-Bulb, four operating modes, mobile/web-based controls, and an advanced scheduling system. The “R” in the controls name stands for “Retrofit,” meaning their control will integrate with any existing kiln regardless of the manufacturer.

Finna Sensors
The innovative Finna Sensors KilnScout system provides the industry’s leading wireless in-kiln moisture control system for batch and continuous kilns. Using capacitive measurement technology, KilnScout allows lumber manufacturers to control the drying process from direct moisture content input. This eliminates the costly feedback loop from the planer mill and unreliable time-based drying schedules. The result is improved grade recovery, increased throughput and a significant impact on the bottom line.

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