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Oct. 10, 2014 - The leading wood processing equipment manufacturer SPRINGER-MiCROTEC open a new sales and service office in Vancouver, Canada. An overview of the extensive product range will be displayed at the Portland show.

"We are proud that we can now offer our wide range of products to the Canadian and American wood processing market. Our products include everything from mechanical equipment, automation and controls all the way to scanners and optimization", says co-owner and CEO Gero Springer.

The team of SPRINGER-MiCROTEC consists of technicians and service engineers with extensive experience in the North American industry. Together with Federico Giudiceandrea, CEO of MiCROTEC, Gero Springer will take the reins of the original North America division and direct the company locally from Vancouver, BC. "The goal is to generate as much excitement as possible about the new products and services we now offer in the North American market", says Gero Springer.

SPRINGER-MiCROTEC offers virtually every piece of equipment that exists in wood processing plants, from log and lumber handling to the most sophisticated scanners and optimizers available in the market today, and all of the automation and controls in between. All products are built to interface with existing equipment, making upgrading specific machine centers easy and fast. Available as either single pieces of equipment, or entire turn-key plants, SPRINGER-MiCROTEC' s products and services can fit any size requirement.

Originally founded in 1952, SPRINGER-MiCROTEC has been run by the same family for over 60 years. With manufacturing sites in Austria and Italy, long term, skilled employees produce products of the highest quality. "I am proud to say that some of our craftsmen are celebrating 40 years at our company. Our culture of passing this knowledge to the younger employees guarantees the high quality of our products both now and in the future," says Gero Springer.

As one of the largest producers of sawmilling and secondary manufacturing equipment, SPRINGER-MiCROTEC is active worldwide, with satisfied customers on all continents. Current North American installations either running or in startup consist of over 20 log and lumber scanners, 2 complete green field sawmills, and a new log merchandising yard.

For more information contact lisa.springer@springer-microtec.com or visit springer.eu and microtec.eu

October 10, 2014  By  Amie Silverwood

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