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Squamish Mills operates dryland sort on Howe Sound

April 13, 2017 - Located at the northern tip of picturesque Howe Sound, Squamish Mills dryland sort operation is the destination for thousands of logs a day, trucked in and grouped into 73 sorts. 

April 13, 2017  By  Maria Church

Phil Mazzotti is the one who makes sure it’s all happening according to plan, as the operations supervisor and head mechanic for Squamish Mills. The bulk of the company’s logging operation is near Pemberton, B.C., 91 kilometres north of Squamish. 

“We are a logging company, we go from stump to dump,” Mazzotti says. “The company has been around for about 65 years and we have always been logging up in the Pemberton area but our log sort has always been here in Squamish.” 

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