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Steel containers option for moving camps

Made in Canada, Corner Cast modules are one of best options when you need the camp to move with you.

November 5, 2012  By Corner Cast Inc.

Corner Cast modules are made of COR-TEN steel. Made in Canada

The basic building blocks are COR-TEN steel containers, which vary in size from 10′, 20′, 40′ with a height of either 8′ or 9’6″. Due to the chemical composition of COR-TEN steel it has an increased resistance to corrosion. The layer protecting the surface regenerates continuously when subject to the influence of weathering. This, in combination with its structural strength, makes COR-TEN steel the best building material for remote structures. The company’s insulation system eliminates thermal bridging, and can range from R-20 to R-40 depending on the needs of the customer. Once on site the modules are then put into place and put on connection plates. A membrane is then applied on all openings to seal the connections so they are water and airtight. The modules can be transported cost effectively to any site using intermodal transportation networks by train, boat and truck.


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