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STIHL releases two new chain saws

April 29, 2015 – STIHL recently announced two new chain saws designed for arborists and forestry professionals, the STIHL MS 201 T C-M and the MS 201 C-M. 

“Whether you’re working in the tree tops or on the ground, the compact design, optimal handling and low weight make these chain saws very easy to use,” said Greg Quigg, president of STIHL Limited. “Time and effort is also saved thanks to the STIHL M-Tronic technology. There’s no manual carburetor adjustment needed and electronic fuel metering delivers fast and responsive acceleration even from a cold start.”

MS 201 C-M                       MS 201 T C-M
Displacement 35.2 cc           Displacement 35.2 cc
Power Output1.8 kW            Power Output1.8 kW
Weight *3.9 kg/8.6 lb            Weight *3.7 kg/8.2 lb
* Excluding fuel, guide bar and saw chain

STIHL M-Tronic technology is designed to offer the following benefits: 

An easy start
Thanks to electronic cold/warm start recognition there is now only one start position on the Master Control Lever. M-Tronic calculates electronically the exact fuel dosage. The engine starts after fewer pulls and with no change of position, the chain saws immediately accelerate up to speed.

No manual carburetor adjustments
M-Tronic electronically adjusts the fuel dosage in the carburetor: whatever the operating status, whether starting, idling, partial or full-load. And it always takes account of external conditions.

Optimal engine performance at all times
The control unit uses engine temperature and speed to continually monitor the operating status of the chain saws, feeding in the correct amount of fuel so that you always benefit from optimal engine performance.

Superb acceleration
Electronic ignition timing management and fuel dosage ensure fast and responsive acceleration – even from a cold start.

Memory function
M-Tronic remembers your previous settings indefinitely and restores them when you restart the chain saw. So when external conditions are the same, full engine performance is immediately at your disposal every time you start.

Only available at STIHL Authorized Dealers, the MSRP for the MS 201 T C-M is $749.95 and the MS 201C-M is $789.95.

About STIHL Limited
STIHL Limited, headquartered in London, ON, is a subsidiary of ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG. STIHL is the number one selling brand of handheld outdoor power equipment in Canada. STIHL manufactures a full line of powerful, lightweight and versatile handheld outdoor power equipment for homeowners and professional users. STIHL products are only sold through servicing power equipment dealers from coast to coast – not mass merchants. For more information or the name of the closest STIHL Dealer visit the STIHL website at www.stihl.ca.

April 29, 2015  By STIHL Limited

MS 201 C-M

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