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Study: expect mill closures if BC stops old-growth logging

August 25, 2021  By  Ellen Cools

According to a study from B.C. industry forestry consultant Jim Girvan, B.C. could see mill closures and a decrease in the annual allowable cut (AAC) if the provincial government decides to stop logging in old-growth forests until updated forest management strategies are implemented as environmentalists want.

If the B.C. government concedes to environmentalists’ demands, Girvan says up to four sawmills on the B.C. Coast and up to five in the B.C. Interior could be shut down. This follows the trend from 2010-2019, when 16 mills in the B.C. Interior were shutdown – a number Girvan initially predicted, reports BC Local News.

According to Girvan, if the B.C. government follows recommendations from environmentalists, including banning old-growth logging and caribou protection mandates, the AAC could drop by up to one million cubic metres on the Coast and by up to three million cubic metres in the Interior.

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