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Survey Snippets: one through 15

A collection of Survey Snippets from our 2016 Contractor Survey:

October 3, 2016  By  Maria Church

Survey Snippet #1 – Logging rate increases uneven

Survey Snippet #2 – What’s fair contractor profit?

Survey Snippet #3 – Real world logging profits

Survey Snippet #4 – Things getting better?


Survey Snippet #5 – Machine operator earnings

Survey Snippet #6 – Operator benefits now key

Survey Snippet #7 – Operating cost trends

Survey Snippet #8 – Working hard?

Survey Snippet #9 – Fleet size

Survey Snippet #10 – Fleet replacement plans

Survey Snippet #11 – Logging’s next gen

Survey Snippet #12 – Logger succession planning

Survey Snippet #13 – Perks of being a logger

Survey Snippet #14 – Mill competition for fibre

Survey Snippet #15 – Contractors talk 

The survey was conducted in April 2016 by independent research firm Bramm & Associates, generating over 230 replies to a detailed list of questions. Respondents were distributed according to the geographic breakdown of the forest industry, with 50 per cent in Western Canada, 25 per cent in Quebec, and the rest found in Ontario, Atlantic Canada, and central Canada. Within BC responses were almost evenly split between the BC coast and Interior. Many thanks to our sponsors for making the research possible – Hultdins, Stihl, Tigercat and Ponsse. Also made possible with support from the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).

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