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Sustainability is important to CEOs

July 30, 2014 - Over 92 per cent of global forestry CEOs think it's important to reduce their environmental footprint, according to PwC's 17th Annual Global CEO Survey. But they can't do it alone. To make sustainability a success, the world's forest, paper and packaging (FPP) companies need to reduce costs and investment risks, while also increasing goodwill among consumers who are becoming more environmentally conscious in their spending choices.

In May 2014, senior executives from the Americas, Europe and China came together in a roundtable to discuss the priorities facing the world's forest, paper and packaging sectors.

Participants agreed: companies are recognizing the bottom line benefits of sustainability. These include money saved on energy costs, which is viewed positively by investors, as well as increased goodwill among consumers that are actively seeking out environmentally friendly products.

But, improving sustainability performance requires constant measurement and benchmarking against peers within and between industries. It's through this ongoing process that sustainability performance will become synonymous with business performance.

For more information on PWC findings, read the document.

July 30, 2014  By PwC

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