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Tackling hydraulic leakage in sawmills

December 30, 2015 - Want to learn more about the real costs of leaks in your hydraulic systems, what the main causes are and the steps needed to eliminate them?

Join GPM Hydraulic Consulting’s Jack Weeks on January 20, 2016 as he answers the questions to managing and preventing hydraulic leakage in sawmills. Jack has been a CAD draftsman and hydraulic instructor with GPM since 1997. He has trained thousands of electricians and mechanics in hydraulic troubleshooting methods. 

Brief synopsis
This webinar will review the physics involved in a hydraulic system – the compressibility of fluids, Pascal’s law, laminar vs. turbulent flow and correctly sizing hydraulic pipes and tubing for the application.

The next subject is the real costs of leaks. Many facilities measure the cost of leaks by the amount of oil lost, but the cost of the oil is not even the greatest expense. The 10 causes of leaks are covered in detail along with the necessary steps to eliminate them. Common piping and tubing fittings such as NPT, 37° flare, flareless, multiple bite flareless and face seal with o-ring are explained as well as different port connections so that the student understands which are available and the appropriate applications for each.

Also covered are special considerations for long piping and tubing runs, proper clamping, motion under a load, fitting and tubing quality, properly mating parts, making tubing bends correctly, getting a square cut, proper tube flaring (and the results of under- and overflaring), common mistakes using flareless preset fittings and face seal brazing.

Proper torquing of fittings is explained including the Flats From Finger Tight (FFFT) method of estimating torque. Seals including Flaretite seals are discussed along with methods of troubleshooting fitting failures. The webinar is concluded by 13 recommendations for a leak-free hydraulic system, ways to fight system contamination, proper hose installation and the fastest, most effective way to clean a hose prior to installation. 

There will be approximately 15 minutes at the end for questions.

And all of this for only $25!

Date: January 20, 2016
When: 2 to 3 p.m., EST.

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December 30, 2015  By  Andrew Snook

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