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Teal Jones donates lumber to Lytton, BC rebuilding effort

July 13, 2021
By Ellen Cools

Teal Jones announced on Monday, July 12, that it will donate 500,000 board feet of lumber to Lytton, B.C., and Lytton First Nation to help with rebuilding efforts, after the community was destroyed by a wildfire.

According to CTV News, Teal Jones had previously benefitted from support from the community when a fire near Boston Bar, B.C., destroyed one of their timber supply areas 20 years ago.

With the donated lumber, the community will be able to rebuild 50 homes and buildings.

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1 Comment » for Teal Jones donates lumber to Lytton, BC rebuilding effort
  1. Melissa Nemeth says:

    I work for West Fraser and I know our lumber goes thru on trains as well. Whatever they say the reason for the fire starting I believe the trains have something to do with it. All BC mills should be donating to rebuild Lytton and heavily supporting the fire fighters. If there’s a way to guilt them all into doing that… It would be a very good thing.

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