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Tech Update: CFI’s summer 2020 kiln showcase

September 11, 2020  By Canadian Forestry Staff Report

Brunner hildebrand

Brunner hildebrand
Brunner Hildebrand has been serving the lumber industry for almost 70 years and developed unique kiln drying innovations. Recently, the company introduced the brand-new Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology (HWPT), which, for the first time, applies wireless weight measuring for moisture control (MC). The HWPT weighing devices replace some of the regular 4x4s on the kiln floor, thereby gauging the weight of the entire lumber stacks resting on top. MC metering becomes much more accurate due to the very large number of individual boards influencing the average MC, as compared to regular resistance metering with only six to 10 probes. The actual water evaporation is displayed onscreen in real time. The company´s latest kiln development is the Hildebrand Continuous Kiln HCK, the all-rounder among continuous kilns. It features individual drying zones which are customized to the drying state and moisture of the lumber passing through in uniflow direction.

American Wood Dryers
The newly patented American Wood Dryers single pass continuous dry kiln design allows all green lumber to enter at one end of the kiln and discharge at the opposite end. The design has several advantages over the counterflow design. Lumber handling and mill traffic is simplified. One-way fork truck routes reduce the area required around the kiln. Track or batch kilns can be retrofitted to the single pass design without changing mill traffic flow. This is valuable at mills with limited area. Process water collection is centered at the green end. Recent start-ups indicate fuel usage is significantly reduced.

BID Group
In response to safety issues concerning kiln carts, BID Group designed an innovative automatic attachment system. The operator no longer needs to get out of his vehicle to connect the carts together. This system has been proven for over a year and it is compatible with all types of loaders. Thanks to their pivoting hooks, the kiln carts connect and disconnect easily and minimize the time required for bundle loading. This system will ensure a high level of safety since it is easy to use, durable and it performs very well.

Since 1995, EBI is the top-quality brand of high-temperature, totally enclosed dry kiln duty motors of unsurpassed durability and long-term reliability. From one to 30 hp, 900, 1200 and 1800 RPM, they are used by lumber dry kiln manufacturers and sawmills in North and South America, Europe and Australia. EBI dry kiln duty motors are available through a distributor network for quick availability. They are built in NEMA or IEC frames, are covered by warranty up to three years and are rated 120 C ambient temperature.



As a leading developer and world leader in continuous kilns, Valutec has delivered more than 1 500 continuous kilns to sawmills around the world. Valutec’s TC continuous kiln comes with distinguishing features such as high flexibility and superior capacity. It gives the operator the possibility to create the ultimate drying process with unlimited freedom to mix dimensions, minimal moisture content variation and reduced risk of checking. Annual capacity can reach 125 MMBF with target moisture contents down to around 12-18 per cent. The principle is based on the timber package being fed length-wise through zones in which the air circulates laterally across the drying channel. This enables the separate regulation of the climate in different zones according to a schedule that comes very close to the ideal schedule of a batch kiln.


Finna Sensors
Finna Sensors introduces its re-engineered KilnScout-Wired for batch kilns. The newly-designed KilnScout-Wired has three installations to date and uses proven technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and durability. The system provides real-time moisture measurements for drying optimization, with each sensor measuring 17 cubic feet in the kiln in order to provide an accurate representation of product moisture content during drying. Advanced remote monitoring capabilities and full integration with existing control systems and other SCSFP products enable kiln operators to directly control the batch drying process in order to deliver higher grade recovery and increase profits significantly.

In a world where sustainability and renewable energy have become key, the continuous high output of Mühlböck’s unique conveying dryer system is a game-changer. The experience and know-how gained from lumber drying and the high-quality installations have already convinced many customers in Europe. Energy efficient and reliable drying of sawdust and wood chips is essential in the pursuit of zero-waste sawmills. Mühlböck therefore is scoring high with their Beltdryer 1003 Premium with heat recovery, which ensure that the least amount of energy is needed.

Player Design Inc.
The Player Design Inc. (PDI) kiln heating system utilizes PDI’s proprietary waste wood burner and air-to-air heat exchangers to provide ash-free heat for up to two kilns at a time. PDI’s economical waste wood burner is capable of providing a steady, stable source of heat while burning a variety of waste fuels with varying moisture content. A heat exchanger allows the combustion heat to be transferred to the inside of the kiln without exposing the final product to any ash or disrupting the airflow balance inside the kiln. PDI’s kiln heating system includes its own control system and supports full integration with kiln controls.

The Kiln Booster enables efficient drying at lower temperatures while decreasing drying times by up to 25 per cent. The AccuStop in-kiln moisture reader measures the lumber moistrue content (MC) during the entire drying process within one per cent endpoint accuracy for consistent results, eliminating the need for hot checks. When used with Secovac’s Dry Kiln Control System, it allows for full automation and standardization of drying schedules. It is the only integrated system in North America to utilize the real MC readings to automatically advance the drying schedule segments in real-time and shut off the kiln, resulting in five-10 per cent shorter drying schedules, tighter MC distributions and higher grade outturn.

Smithco Manufacturing
Smithco’s 12-blade propellers, ranging from 2000 millimetres to 84 inches in size, are primarily used in track-loaded lumber kilns drying softwoods. Designed for high-volume airflow at increased static pressures in the two- to 2.5-inch range with a maximum rotational speed of 840 RPM, these propellers have adjustable pitch blades and tested reversibility with full-flow in both directions. All Smithco propellers feature keyed taper lock bushings and stainless-steel hardware, and the Smithco Degree Gauge allows users to easily set the blade pitch.

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