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Tech update: Stacking and strapping in 2020

March 2, 2020  By CFI staff

USNR’s Low-Profile Stacker.

CFI has a rundown of the latest technology updates for stacking and strapping Canadian lumber in 2020.

USNR’s Low-Profile Stacker offers a compact, all-electric design to accommodate speeds of 20-plus cycles per minute. The catching lug feature moves with the blanket of wood to decelerate the tier in a controlled manner. The final position is automatically adjusted for exact tier width and number of boards, over a wide range of products and package widths. With pick-up on the fly, as the tier advances the stacker forks raise lifting the tier off the chains ahead of the end of the stacker table chain. This prevents bounce-back and delay from settle-down time.

MoCo Engineering
MoCo stacking systems are designed to produce finished packages of high dimensional consistency with near perfect sticker alignment and smooth package faces. With the valuable stickers being completely covered and not protruding from the pack, they are protected from forklift damage. The high-quality packages also provide efficient kiln charges and excellent lumber support, which is recognized by a higher grade out turn at the planer. Automated strapping systems are commonly integrated at the stacker outfeed to help preserve package quality during handling from the stacker, through the green lumber yard and kilns, then finally to the break down hoist.

Dynaric Inc. AM650 is a high-speed strapping machine for use with 1⁄4-inch width strapping. Operating on 120 volts, single phase electricity, this easy-to-use strapping machine is capable of applying 50 straps per minute. The AM659 is for use with 3/8-inch width strapping or 1⁄2-inch width strapping. This economical strapping machine, complete with electronic tension control, enables the customer to choose from a wide variety of Dynaric’s 1⁄4-inch or 3/8-inch width least expensive strapping. Features of AM650/AM659 include the use of servo motors for precise performance and the elimination of belts, clutches, and pulley. For ease of use, a foot bar pedal activator and a start cycle push button are included.


The BPX system features separate, lightweight strapping heads that are easy to access and remove for maintenance. The feed module, on the perimeter of the machine, allows for easy strap loading without climbing on the platen. The BPX has a simple design with fewer moving parts and durable wear parts, no belts, pulleys or adjustments, and requires no special handling equipment. Operator safety is enhanced thanks to an automated platen latch, which maximizes safety for working underneath the platen and remote strap feeding, which eliminates entering the machine area to reload the strap. The BPX system also has a light-weight strapping head for easy removal and maintenance, a separate high/low voltage cabinet to simplify PLC communication and control voltage work, large capacity consumables to reduce replenishment intervals, and multiple e-stops located around the machine for quick shut down.

Synchronized with a production line that allows it to adapt to all board sizes, widths, thicknesses or variable lengths, the IDCAM stacker is effectively designed for quick maintenance, at a low cost. Equipped with an electric and pneumatic system, with an adjustable production speed, it is a reliable and secure machine, with Industry 4.0 technologies available. The compact stacker can be installed quickly, ideal for use in stacking applications from a finishing or levelling line. Very robust, durable and compact, the machine is also fully adapted to the North American climate.

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