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Tech update: Stacking and strapping in 2021

September 15, 2021  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff Report

Signode Strapping

CFI has a rundown of the latest technology updates for stacking and strapping Canadian lumber in 2021.

Signode Strapping
With over $2 billion in revenue, more than 80 manufacturing facilities across six continents and over 7,000 employees worldwide, Signode is a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of transit packaging consumables, tools, software and equipment that optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect products in transit. Signode brings this extensive product portfolio under hundreds of trusted brands to offer complete transit packaging solutions to its customers. With over one hundred years history of innovation in the wood products industry, Signode continues to provide state-of-the-art equipment, products and services that streamline production while safeguarding products in this demanding environment.

Carbotech has more than 30 years of experience in stacker manufacturing and offers a variety of models to meet wood product manufacturers’ needs. One of Carbotech’s models can produce several types of wood packages, with or without sticks and at low or high speed. Carbotech’s double fork models can reach speeds of almost 22 rows per minute. Carbotech stackers can also produce uniform packages or not, depending on preference. For example, Carbotech’s hardwood systems can prepare rows to optimize package shapes based on customer specifications. For softwoods, Carbotech also offers automatic stick feeding systems. The quality of the sticks can even be controlled with a scanner to ensure the stacking line is working at its best.


When it comes to stick systems, look no further than Novilco’s fully automatic operator-free stick system. Novilco has spent the last 15 years perfecting it into the most sophisticated, yet simple, stick system out there. It all starts with the Boomerang feeder that keeps the sticks straight for the unscrambler, through to the lug loader supplying the stick recirculation tower with 240 sticks per hour. Then, the Falcon stick placer will handle all qualities of sticks, putting them down firmly, precisely, and exactly (1/2-inch from zero line) where they need to be to get the best bundle quality while increasing drying quality. The Falcon can also be configured as a manually-fed system that will grow with a mill’s production. The manual hopper can easily be converted to Novilco’s fully automatic system. Novilco has also reinvented the stacker with the EcoStack 2.0. Say goodbye to large footprints and heavy double fork bell cranks. It starts with the simplicity of no-tier forming – just one solid deck of lumber sliding silently over the servo-controlled aluminum sliders that come out from the backside of the EcoStack to accept the incoming tier of lumber and form a perfectly stable bundle. Designed with the operator’s safety at the forefront, the smooth action of the EcoStack not only provides less operator interventions, but does so while achieving 30 per cent more efficiency.

FROMM Packaging Systems
Established in 1947, FROMM not only has more than 40 subsidiaries in Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia and Australia, it’s also solidly implanted right here in Canada. With a sales force and technical service team with boots on the ground in central, eastern and western Canada, their client base benefits from a quick response time. A market leading manufacturer of strapping systems and strapping tools, FROMM also designs, develops and produces turnkey automated packaging lines for all types of forest products. FROMM can automate each step from the bunk feeding, compression, edge protection, wrapping, strapping, unitizing and palletizing. FROMM will help get products to market as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Mill Tech Industries
Mill Tech Industries supplies dimensional lumber stackers in both dual fork and single fork configurations for saw and planer mills. The fully electric and fully automated machines generate package tiers upstream of the stacker and, when combined with a secondary package hoist, allow for continuous, high-speed stacking up to 30 peak cycles per minute. Kiln stick handling systems incorporating 3D stick scanning technology as well as lath placing systems allow the stacker to continuously stack with minimal operator intervention. Package handling systems – including end presses, paper wrap dispensers and package doublers – allow for partial and fully automated finishing of stacked packages.

Full automation and close proximity enable one operator to easily handle USNR’s high-speed Stick-N-Fork Stacker. The patented system delivers packages with near perfect sticker alignment and smooth continuous operation at high speeds. It features slots that hold sticks on the stacker forks that automatically refill at the completion of each fork cycle. The stacker is available with electric or hydraulic operation, and includes air-gapping, random-width pullback, stick unloading (in case of bowed sticks), and more. Upgrades are also available to the Stick Feeder, Stick Lifter, and Rake Off systems.

Synchronized with a production line that allows it to adapt to all board sizes, widths, thicknesses or variable lengths, the IDCAM stacker is effectively designed for quick maintenance at low cost. Equipped with an electric and pneumatic system with an adjustable production speed, it is a reliable and secure piece of equipment, with 4.0 technologies available as an option. IDCAM’s compact stacker can be installed quickly, ideal for use in stacking applications for finishing or for lumber. Very robust, durable and compact, the machine is also fully adapted to the North American climate.

Itipack Systems
Itipack Systems is a world leader in integrated strapping solutions, committed to high-value, optimum performance, and long-lasting results. Itipack’s newest strapping system comes complete with a fully automated robotic dunnage system allowing for greater efficiency and safety than ever before. It includes a fully automated plastic strapping head, electric top edge protection, optional side compression with HMI selectable and ABB robot with three vacuum bars for bunk placement. Itipack always works with customers to design equipment, whether it is a custom fit, custom solution, or a standard machine that will help them succeed.

MoCo Engineering
After 20 years and over 120 systems in operation, MoCo Engineering is still manufacturing the most reliable sticker stacker system in the industry. The patented Square Lift Stick System handles less than perfect stickers and ensures accurate stick placement. This improves uptime, consistent drying, and lumber grade significantly. The result is higher returns compared to any other stacker system. The servo electric-driven Moco Stacker consumes 50 per cent less energy than a hydraulic system, and the synchronized motion assures perfect timing. MoCo stackers are custom designed to suit operations’ needs and built for reliability, uptime, long service life and minimal maintenance. For the record, all MoCo Stackers manufactured are still in operation.

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