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The biggest demonstration of full-scale final felling at the fair: Elmia Wood

April 28, 2017 - Ponsse is coming to Elmia Wood with about 15 harvesters and forwarders. The company has invited customers from all around the world and all markets where it has business activities.

“Of course there will be innovations but we’re keeping them for the fair,” says Lars Wickman, business developer at Ponsse.

At Elmia Wood 2013 Ponsse launched the then-totally new Scorpion harvester series. It was one of the fair’s most important new products, and in practice it has exceeded the expectations aroused in both contractors and forest owners at its launch.

“Ponsse has grown strongly in both harvesters and forwarders since then,” Wickman says.

Forwarders are registered for road use and their sales figures thereby become official. At the end of 2016 Ponsse had more than doubled its market share in Sweden, from 8.7 percent to 18.3 percent.

“Sales of all the models are increasing but because most of our sales have been for the Buffalo and Elephant models, which we now supply with Active Frame as an option, they are responsible for most of the increase in the number of machines,” Wickman says.

The fair’s biggest demonstration area

Ponsse says that the most important reason behind this success is that its machine system has high availability plus competitive costs per hour. That is also why the company is placing special emphasis on service agreements and other after-market services.

The public, though, will be attracted by something else. Ponsse has the fair’s biggest demonstration area and is offering visitors the chance to watch full-scale final felling there.

“When we leave Elmia Wood the area will be cleanly felled with the exception of a few tall stumps and suchlike that the environment needs,” Wickman says.

Elmia Wood is the world’s largest forestry fair and where the big launches of new machines, products and services occur. What will Ponsse be offering in these areas?

“I can’t comment on that – if we’re launching anything new we’re waiting until the fair to present it,” Lars Wickman answers diplomatically.

April 28, 2017  By Elmia Wood


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