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The CFI Podcast: Andrew Stiffman on Kalesnikoff’s entrance into mass timber

October 27, 2020  By Canadian Forest Industries staff

In the latest episode of The CFI Podcast, CFI editor Ellen Cools speaks with Andrew Stiffman, senior business development manager at Kalesnikoff Mass Timber & Lumber, about the company’s entrance into mass timber, the benefits of mass timber, the future of this relatively new field, and more.

“It’s been really overwhelmingly positive, it’s been great,” Andrew says about the industry’s reaction to Kalensikoff’s move to mass timber. “It’s a great industry. I think everyone in this industry is committed to building the field and playing well in the sandbox. We knew that it would be exciting and people would be excited about it but we couldn’t have possibly predicted how great and how successful it would be in a short amount of time.”

Listen to the SoundCloud link below to hear more from Andrew about the mass timber world.


You can also find the episode on iTunes under Annex Business Media and stream it at annexbusinessmedia.com/podcasts.

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