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The CFI Podcast: Cam Brown on the uses and benefits of LiDAR

August 25, 2020  By CFI Staff

For forest product companies across Canada, the health of the trees and associated ecosystems is paramount. Understanding as much as possible about the trees and the surrounding environment is key to sustainably managing our forests. To do so, more and more companies are using LiDAR (Light Detection or Ranging). But what exactly is LiDAR and how does it work? What are its applications and benefits? What are the challenges to adopting this technology?

In the latest episode of The CFI Podcast, CFI editor Ellen Cools speaks with Cam Brown, strategic forester and manager of Forsite Consultants’ resource management and technology group, to answer those questions and more.

“This type of data is going to allow the industry to continue towards more safe and efficient practices, it’s going to increase confidence that we’re managing sustainably, and it’s going to help us better understand non-timber issues like wildlife habitat needs and how to manage for those needs,” Brown explains. “I think it’s really going to make us better at what we do. I don’t think it’s a magic bullet, but it really provides better vegetation, terrain and water information, and that’s everything we do in forestry.”

Government and industry are both recognizing the benefits of this technology – in fact, the Ontario government recently announced plans to invest $84.5 million to enhance forest inventory by using technologies such as LiDAR, as part of its forest sector strategy.


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