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The shishalh Nation and Interfor strengthen relations

August 23, 2022  By The shishalh Nation and Interfor Corporation

The shishalh Nation and Interfor Corporation took another critical step in advancing their economic relationship and supporting the economic vision of the shishalh Nation.

On Wednesday, August 10, the Nation purchased 100,000 cubic meters of annual volume from Interfor. The purchase is being supported through funds provided by the B.C. government through the foundation agreement.

“We are deepening our relationship and making a drastic step in achieving shishalh’s desires,” the shishalh said in a statement.

In 2017, the shishalh and Interfor fundamentally transformed their work together through a new relationship agreement which set out a path for shared decision-making and economic development. The shishalh Nation also set the goal of furthering economic development through the forest sector and being the largest forestry tenure holder. The Nation made this goal clear, and began the work of transforming the relationship in light of this goal.


Read the full statement here.

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