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Tigercat expands line of grapples

Tigercat is steadily growing its line of grapple attachments in an effort to provide end-to-end Tigercat branded solutions that integrate seamlessly with Tigercat loggers, loaders and shovel loggers.

April 19, 2022  By Tigercat

The new butt-n-top and shovel clam grapples are built with durable boxed style jaws fabricated from high strength steel. Replaceable tine tips are made from abrasion resistant steel.

High quality, heavy duty components are used throughout. Cushioned cylinders, and a soft-start and stop slew hydraulic circuit prevent structural shock loads and promote extended grapple life while providing ample speed and torque for excellent performance.

Hydraulic hoses are routed on top of the boom and under the connecting pin to best protect the hoses from damage. The BT08 and SC08 grapples are simple to maintain with easy access to daily service points and critical components. A sealed electrical box protects electrical components from the elements.

With a 0,7 m2 (8 ft2) load capacity area, the BT08 butt-n-top grapple is designed to match up to the 865, 875E and 880E series loggers. The overall design provides exceptional control of tree-length timber. The jaw profile rolls the logs into the load area to maximize load size and minimize cycle times.


Shovel Clam
The new Tigercat SC08 shovel clam grapple is designed for the LS855E and LSX870D shovel loggers. Also with a 0,7 m2 (8 ft2) load capacity, the shovel clam grapple provides an alternative to dangle style log and bunching grapples. The SC08 can enhance shovel logger functionality and productivity by increasing control of the trees and the speed at which the operator can gather and manipulate the bunches.

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