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Tigercat introduces 880D heavy-duty logger

Nov. 3, 2016 - Tigercat has introduced its new 880D logger that supersedes its highly successful Tigercat 880 – a heavy duty, purpose-built forestry carrier that can be configured for loading, shovel logging or processing.

November 4, 2016  By  Maria Church

The 880 stands out against converted excavators with higher horsepower, more robust construction and superior productivity.

The first Tigercat 880D logger was a part of Tigercat’s live demonstration at DEMO 2016. The D-series has been upgraded to the Tigercat FPT N67 engine outputting 230 kW (308 hp) at 2,000 rpm. The engine is available in Tier 2 and Tier 4f configurations. Both deliver excellent fuel economy in a simple and reliable package.

The swing bearing diameter has increased from 1,370 mm (54 in) to 1,565 mm (62 in). The larger bearing provides increased capacity and swing torque. The twin swing drive system reduces gear tooth loads. A massive single-piece, forged pedestal strengthens the undercarriage and improves durability.

The 880D logger now shares the modular main hydraulic valve with all other Tigercat 800 series carriers for improved parts commonality. With the ability to easily swap out a valve section, the modular design simplifies maintenance.


Another advantage of the 880D logger over competing excavator-based carriers is Tigercat’s forest duty undercarriage. Long frames and a wide stance carbody provide excellent stability. Track components are co-designed with Berco to provide maximum durability in forestry applications.

The 880D has plenty of cooling capacity with an automatic variable speed fan for improved fuel efficiency and an automatic reversing cycle to clean the heat exchangers. Another fuel saving feature is the energy recovery swing system. A closed loop drive feeds power back to the engine when swing decelerates, reducing fuel consumption and recovering energy for other machine functions.

Service access is outstanding with the power operated side engine door and overhead roof enclosure. Shields separate the engine from the hydraulic pumps and valves. The entire upper assembly is designed for extreme duty. Heavy wall side bumpers and a solid cast counterweight protect the upper assembly from impacts when swinging.

The 880D provides an ideal work environment. Convenient walk-up access to the rear entry door leads to a generous interior cab space. The cabin is quiet and comfortable with excellent visibility. The full-length front window and additional floor windows provide clear sightlines. The high output climate control system keeps the operator comfortable even in ambient temperature extremes. LED lighting provides higher output and improved reliability.

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