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Tigercat releases new low-wide bunk and hooked crane for forwarders

April 24, 2015 – Tigercat's innovative new low-wide bunk system combined with the reshaped F195T85 hooked crane provides a host of benefits for Tigercat's high capacity forwarders.

April 24, 2015  By Tigercat

Tigercat has released the revolutionary low-wide bunk system, as well as a new hooked version of the F195T85 high capacity crane for the 1075B and 1085B forwarders. 

The extendable bunks are angled to reduce overall gate height and eliminate the need for a vertically sliding gate. The low-wide bunk system allows for easier crane operation and decreases loading and unloading cycle times.

In combination with the hooked crane, the low-wide bunk system significantly reduces the chance of contact with the gate or bunk stakes. The working envelope of the crane is expanded for reduced machine travel and improved productivity.

Operator visibility and ergonomics are also enhanced. The operator enjoys a clear sightline to the top of the load, increasing log placement accuracy and decreasing cycle times. In addition, the grapple stays within the operator’s view through the entire loading and unloading cycle for reduced operator strain.


The low-wide bunk system is available on the 20-tonne capacity 1075 series forwarders and the 1085 series 25-tonne machines.

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