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TLA backs B.C.’s forest industry agenda

Sept. 2, 2016 - The Truck Loggers Association (TLA) and its member companies support the BC government’s newly released agenda to enhance the competitiveness of BC’s forest sector.

“There are three critical goals within this Competitiveness Agenda and the third one—Stable Communities and First Nations Partners—aligns well with the TLA’s strategic plan,” said David Elstone, TLA Executive Director. “TLA members are the economic backbone of BC’s rural coastal communities with over 90 per cent of the provincial harvest done by independent logging contractors in one shape or another. This means the success of the forest sector is very much linked to the success of independent business owners—our members—in their coastal communities."

A vital strategic action within the Stable Communities and First Nations Partners goal is “working with contractor associations and major licensees to ensure contractor interests are met.” “There is an imbalance right now in the forest sector which has led to TLA members expressing concern about the health of the industry's supply chain," said Elstone. “I’m hopeful these concerns will be fully addressed as part of this action item.”

The Competitiveness Agenda also focuses on First Nations partners which is another TLA strategic focus. “The TLA believes in building mutually beneficial First Nations partnerships by acknowledging rights and title and engaging First Nations leadership and their communities,” said Elstone. “We believe a proactive government approach to First Nations relations in BC will empower First Nations, increase their economic participation and, ultimately, create certainty and a positive business environment within BC.”

Strong Past, Bright Future: A Competitiveness Agenda for BC’s Forest Sector was released along with two other key action plans; one for the pulp and paper sector and another for the value-added sector. "This comprehensive approach to getting the most out of our province's forest resource is appreciated— timber harvesting is dependent on diverse end-users,” said Elstone. “I’m pleased to say this government is walking its talk when it comes to supporting the forest industry.”

The TLA (Truck Loggers Association) represents over 450 independent forest contractors and their suppliers operating on the coast of British Columbia. Our membership supports thousands of workers and, along with other independent contractors, accounts for close to 90 per cent of the trees harvested on the coast. The TLA promotes a thriving, sustainable coastal forest industry in BC. www.tla.ca

September 2, 2016  By  Maria Church

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