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SawmillingIndustry NewsNewsEquipment

January 25, 2022
Canfor adds new sling sorters at North Carolina sawmill

SawmillingIndustry NewsNewsEquipment

January 24, 2022
US mill retires Fortress metal detector after 25 years of service

SawmillingIndustry NewsNewsHealth and Safety

January 21, 2022
USW releases statement on 10th anniversary of Babine sawmill explosion


January 20, 2022
Community cornerstone: First Nation-owned sawmill marks a new start for Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek

SawmillingFeaturesHealth and SafetyMaintenance

January 12, 2022
CSIDs: Simplifying sawmill lockout with energy isolation


December 16, 2021
Sustainable drying: NorSask’s new continuous kiln to run off sawmill residuals


December 14, 2021
Forestry’s future leaders: meet Cédric, Samuel and David Bérubé


December 14, 2021
Saw Filing 101: Filing rooms onsite, offsite, or something in between?

SawmillingIndustry NewsNewsEquipment

December 13, 2021
Cascade Hardwoods invests in Microtec CT Log Scanning technology

SawmillingIndustry NewsNews

December 8, 2021
West Fraser shakes up senior management roles


December 7, 2021
Forestry’s future leaders: meet Adam Blyth

SawmillingIndustry NewsNews

December 1, 2021
West Fraser completes acquisition of Angelina Forest Products

SawmillingFeaturesNew GearEquipment

November 29, 2021
Tech Update: Sawmill scanners and optimizers in 2021

SawmillingNew GearEquipment

November 24, 2021
REMBE introduces new technology to guide explosion pressure relief


November 22, 2021
Leaping ahead: J.D. Irving Doaktown sawmill’s $35-million modernization, expansion project

SawmillingNew GearEquipmentHarvesting

November 4, 2021
Volvo unveils fully autonomous, battery-electric wheel loader prototype


October 26, 2021
Perceptive operations: Harry Freeman & Son gets an upgrade


October 22, 2021
5 takeaways from File Week 2021


October 21, 2021
Saw Filing 101: Saws and steel

SawmillingFeaturesWomen in Forestry

October 20, 2021
Closing the gender gap: one-on-one with saw filing apprentice Sara Davies

SawmillingFeaturesNew GearEquipment

October 19, 2021
A cut above: the latest equipment for the filing room in 2021


October 18, 2021
Cutting-edge filing: inside Apollo Forest Products’ filing room


October 18, 2021
Welcome to File Week 2021!

SawmillingIndustry NewsNewsEquipment

October 13, 2021
BID Group to modernize Georgia-Pacific’s Pineland, Texas, mill

SawmillingIndustry NewsNewsMills

October 13, 2021
West Fraser to acquire Angelina Forest Products mill in Texas


October 12, 2021
File Week 2021 is coming soon!


October 6, 2021
OptiSaw 2021 helps mills get the most out of every log, highlights new opportunities

SawmillingIndustry NewsNew GearNewsEquipment

October 4, 2021
USNR to provide vision and deep learning AI technology to Millar Western