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August 18, 2015 - The newest harvesters available for Canadian forestry

August 18, 2015  By Staff report

Ponsse ergoPonsse
The new Ponsse Ergo is an ergonomic and powerful harvester for demanding harvesting conditions and steep slopes. The frames, cabin, working hydraulics and transmission of the new 2015 Ergo have been fully upgraded. Furthermore, the crane range has been developed further to guarantee extreme performance and reliability. Features include a more functional and maintenance-friendly structure, offering increased rigidity and quicker and easier re-fuelling and maintenance. The cabin offers improved visibility, ample storage space and more ergonomic controls.

Tigercat LH845DTigercat
The Tigercat H845D track harvester, powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 4f engine, is an efficient, productive harvester with limited tail-swing and outstanding service access. ER boom technology improves fuel efficiency, reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. The combination of high horsepower and efficient harvester head-optimized hydraulics provide the operator with responsive control, quick feed speed and powerful delimbing capability. The FPT engine is supported by Tigercat and the Tigercat dealer network.

The GTE harvester series is an eight-wheeled machine designed to face the steepest terrains and ensure greater stability during processing in the whole Mesera crane´s reach area. Logset harvesters are controlled with an intelligent measuring device, TOC-MD. The TOC controls engine and fuel efficiency while optimizing the production for fast and accurate work. The TH harvester heads range is the perfect match for all processing work with tracked and wheeled machines.

Barko 260wBarko
The Barko 260 harvester/feller buncher is powered by a 220hp Cummins QSB6.7L engine, offering a maximum tractive effort of 65,481 lb-ft. and a drawbar pull ratio of 1.13 to 1. Equipped with a 53.5-inch outside swing bearing, the 260 offers swing torque up to 50,787 ft.-lb. Various track shoe options are available from 600 to 900-mm widths. Maintenance and serviceability are enhanced with a patent-pending, forward sliding cab design and a gull-wing door work platform for easy access.


Cat 521BCat
Cat track harvesters have been upgraded to boost efficiency, performance, and productivity. Upgrades include the new PRO (Parallel Reach Operation) System, enhanced power management software, and LED lights. Caterpillar offers two near-zero tail swing machines, the Cat 521B and 522B; and two full tail swing machines, the Cat 541 Series 2 and Cat 552 Series 2. The 522B and 552 Series 2 are levelling machines.


JDFEJohn Deere
John Deere offers a full portfolio of harvesters with innovations to make loggers more productive and profitable. With the M-Series Tracked Harvesters and E-Series Wheeled Cut-To-Length Harvesters, John Deere’s family of harvesters deliver durability and operator comfort to help loggers maximize time in the forest. These machines, combined with John Deere’s technology and dealer support provide a fully-integrated solution, adding value to the logging operation.

Eltec copyTechnologies Element PSW Inc.
Available in harvester or feller-buncher configuration, ELTEC 220, 270 and 310 Series are equipped with a Cummins QSL9 engine, and a Sauer Danfoss Plus One controller that allows for limitless commands configurations. Full-length cab windows increase peripheral vision and spacious cab adds to operator’s comfort. ELTEC builds on the strength of previous models by providing significant upgrades to the rotation unit, standard swing torque of 85 000ft-lbs and smooth operation of these new heavy-duty forestry machines.


Rottne H21ROTTNE
The Rottne H21D harvester is built with six or eight wheels and has a diesel engine with a high-efficiency exhaust emission control that fulfills the emission requirements of Tier 4 Final. The harvester is also equipped with a new hydrostatic transmission offering a tractive force of 230kN; separate hydraulic pumps for the crane and head; and a swivelling cab to provide an excellent view of the entire working area.

Great got even better with the new C-series TimberPro track feller buncher and harvester, which feature energy savings technology, best-in-class serviceability and operator comforts. A larger left hand mounted cab provides improved ergonomics and superior visibility. New no tail swing layout gives easy maintenance access to all major components. Improved fuel economy from energy recovery swing, energy savings cooling system and an improved integrated pump/valve electronic control system.  

With fuel efficient 6.7-litre Cummins Tier 4 engines and Kawasaki pump systems, the Hyundai 3026 forestry machines from Woodland Equipment deliver impressive performance and fast cycle times. Features include an upsized undercarriage with nine roller track frames and 24-mm track bolts; computer-aided power optimization for optimal boom and swing priority; and the new Extreme Duty guarding package. Configurations include Road Builder, Hoe Chucker, Processor, or Log Loader with a variety of grapple options.

Designed and built by A. Landry Fabrication Ltd, the Landrich is a purpose built track harvester optimized for the cut-to-length method of mechanized logging. With the integration of state of the art design, engineering and new capabilities, the Landrich has set a new standard in efficiency and performance. The Landrich is backed by a customer-focused support and technical team and a strong distribution network serving the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario.

The Hitachi ZX240F-3 Foresters represent productivity and efficiency, with highly refined, computer-chip-controlled engine/hydraulic performance. From its next-class-up swing and travel systems to its strengthened, upper structure and heavy-duty undercarriage, it can take on the wildest of woods. The purpose-built processing front eliminates the need for boom-tip and hoist-cylinder adapters. The technically advanced hydraulic system improves attachment performance, machine smoothness and facilitates faster cycle times.

Risley Eclips EZ200 High Drive Tilt/Swing Upper/High Speed Steel Flex-Trac Machine is a 200hp purpose built machine designed for timber harvesting, powered by a Caterpillar 3116 Tier II engine. The EZ200 features a standard universal attachment mount that allows the OEM to adapt a wide range of processor attachments to the machine’s boom and stick configuration. The EZ200 is equipped with a zero-to-short tail swing upper with boom mount to support a conventional or extended boom and stick arrangement.

Available in flat or tilt undercarriage, Madill’s purpose built 2250C-Series 2 machine offers an extreme-duty option to battle the toughest working conditions. Equipped with a Cummins QSL 8.9L Tier III engine, the 2250C provides ample hydraulic flow resulting in more lift power (22,050 lb. at 20 ft.), swing torque (65,000 lb.) and tractive effort; which enables strong overall performance in any environment. Other advantages include longer boom reach (28.8 1/2”), stronger wrist torque and larger cutting capacity (sawhead 24.7”).

For more information on the newest innovations in tracked and wheeled harvester technology, including additional information on specs and design, visit our website at woodbusiness.ca. Also, follow us on Twitter @CFIMag to stay up-to-date with all of the newest equipment available for work in Canada’s forests.


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