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Trimble introduces 4Loads application for forestry operations

March 18, 2015 – Trimble introduced its 4Loads forestry application today, a mobile ticketing solution designed to simplify the creation, access and sharing of harvested timber data for loggers, foresters and haulers. The new solution provides forestry workers a simple way to enter and manage load data that eliminates manual tracking, provides instant access to the data online, and reduces time to summarize load financial information.

March 18, 2015  By  Andrew Snook

Harvest operators enter load data on their iOS or Android mobile devices in the field, which automatically synchronizes with the Trimble mobile cloud service for timely access to data via the Trimble Forestry Mobile Website. Forestry stakeholders can log into the mobile site to view data, run reports and customize mobile form menus. 

4Loads provides real-time access to harvest load data that historically has been captured via slower manual processes that can take weeks or months to produce data. This real-time insight into remote operations can shorten reconciliation cycles and provide clear load traceability.

“In response to industry feedback, Trimble has developed a purpose-built solution that addresses the challenges of tracking the raw materials supply chain,” said Brian Holley, mobile solutions sales manager for Trimble’s Forestry Division. “4Loads is a low-cost application that can be used by loggers, procurement foresters, mills and landowners to ensure loads of raw materials are properly tracked.”

The 4Loads forms are built on the new Mobile Builder platform for Forestry. Trimble’s Mobile Builder enables forestry clients to create customized forms for field workers to access enterprise data, update data in the field and synchronize date back to the office in real time.


Trimble Forestry 4Loads is available as a standalone solution or it can be integrated with Trimble’s forestry enterprise solution, a key component of Trimble’s Connected Forest. 

4Loads is available now for a 30 day free trial. 

Find out more and download the application at: mobile.trimbleforestry.com/blog. For more information about Trimble’s Forestry solutions, call 1-604-697-6400, email: ForestrySales@trimble.com or visit: www.trimble.com/forestry.

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