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Two-way communication improves uptime

July, 14, 2014, Moline, Ill.— Loggers need solutions, not just data, suggests John Deere. The company has introduced new technology to bridge the gap between data and solutions with a new suite it calls ForestSight. Available exclusively from John Deere, this integrated suite of technology solutions brings the machine, technology and the dealer together to help loggers better manage their equipment and operations. With John Deere ForestSight, loggers can save time and money, and have a healthier equipment fleet and bottom line.

"Loggers demand more uptime," said Jena Holtberg-Beng, director, John Deere WorkSight and ForestSight. "With the support of a dealer, the technology solutions available under the ForestSight umbrella work together to help loggers automate their business processes and stay on top of their machine health."

John Deere ForestSight delivers three primary benefits. First, it optimizes machines by letting loggers and dealers see machines that are idling excessively, inactive, running at high loads for long periods of time, or moving when it shouldn't be. John Deere ForestSight also optimizes uptime by integrating machine data, prognostics and remote diagnostic tools combined with dealer support. Finally, John Deere ForestSight optimizes jobsites. From nearly any location, loggers and dealers can see when and where machines are working, how many cycles they are completing and how much time operators spend out of the cab. This up-to-the-minute data ensures an operation is as efficient as possible.

John Deere ForestSight brings together the most advanced technology into one seamless package. The primary components include:
• JDLink – Gives remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and diagnostic data. Owners can see which machines are earning and which are idling – all while keeping preventative maintenance tabs on each piece of equipment.
• Machine health prognostics – A John Deere exclusive that analyzes data from JDLink, fluid analysis, and machine inspections, and then e-mails the dealer and customer with recommended solutions to avoid costly downtime. These actionable solutions help loggers keep their equipment in peak condition and avoid more costly downtime in the future.
• Remote diagnostics and programming – Also a John Deere exclusive, this technology enables dealers to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, record machine performance data, and even update software without a technician visit to the jobsite. When service visits are required, technicians can often arrive with the right parts in hand to make the repair.

To learn more about these technologies and how John Deere ForestSight can help optimize your business, visit JohnDeere.com/ForestSight or contact your local dealer.

July 14, 2014  By  Amie Silverwood

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