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USNR and Burton team up to bring door-to-door mill expertise

February 14, 2023  By USNR and Burton Mill Solutions

USNR and Burton Mill Solutions have developed a new program that will bring comprehensive mill expertise door-to-door.

A USNR parts representative and a Burton territory manager will travel together to a facility with a van-load of new and common parts. They will share detailed knowledge including the complex interaction of machinery and tooling, how they affect each other during operation, and steps one can take to ensure they are synchronized and consistently producing the highest quality wood products.

Tooling is the action point of the equipment, and the team has decades of experience with extending the service life of blades and equipment. They can offer expert guidance on a wide range of topics including:

  • How to ensure correct blade installation
  • What to do if you notice products are off-size
  • How to follow the trail upstream to identify and isolate the cause

The team brings with them a portion of their vast parts inventory so mills can learn about new parts, options, and alternatives without leaving the mill site. USNR stocks a wide variety of parts at seven service centers across North America including Parker, Bosch, USNR saw guides, arbors, and sleeves, as well as a variety of belts and chain. Mills can immediately procure parts and supplement your inventory with no shipping.


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